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ISA-PC/104 adapter

Test Interface for PC/104 Cards

ISA-PC/104 Adapter
IPEH-002078 € 100,00

All prices are plus the at present valid value added tax!

These adapters can be used to fit and operate PC/104 cards in PCs with ISA slots. Multiple cards can be stacked together on a single adapter.

There are screw terminal adapters which allow the different power supply voltages (+5 V, -5 V, +12 V, -12 V) to be accessed on the card. Four control LEDs show the relevant status. A stack-through connector is provided for the PC/104 bus.

  • Two-layer board with gold plated ISA contacts
  • PC voltages may be tapped into using screw terminals
  • LED status display
  • PC/104 contacts fed out on bottom side
  • ISA-PC/104 Adapter


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