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CANdb Import Add-in 3 Version History

2019-02-08 - Version 3.0.16 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.4.3

Bug fixes:

  • Internal parser buffer size increased to catch the error “Line too long”, which occurred for larger Value Tables

2017-06-29 - Version 3.0.15 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.4.2

Bug fix:

  • In the CANdb Import/Export dialog box the list of messages could not be navigated with the keyboard

2016-09-01 - Version 3.0.14 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.4.1

Bug fixes:

  • Exporting a symbols file failed if any variables had the data type Raw and a default value.
  • It was possible to export negative multiplexer values, which resulted in a syntax error when the CANdb file was opened with other programs like the CANdb++ Editor.

2015-09-30 - Version 3.0.13 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.4.0


  • For J1939 CANdb files the new columns PGN, Priority, Source, and Destination are displayed
  • Supports the J1939 SigType attribute to detect ASCII signals that will be imported as String signals. Signals with other SigType values will be mapped to the Raw data type if the signal length is larger than 64 bits
  • Better support for messages that contain multiplexer signals based on Value Table entries
  • CANdb files that have the NMEA2000 protocol type are treated as J1939
  • Some minor internal improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Importing a signal with a length of more than 64 bits could trigger an error message
  • Removing a CANdb file from a PCAN-Explorer project while it was assigned to a connection could cause an error when the application was terminated


  • For CANdb Messages that contain Extended Multiplexers, only the message definitions are imported but the Multiplexers are ignored

2013-04-18 - Version 3.0.11 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.3.2


  • When importing a Multiplexer signal that had a value table assigned, not all defined Multiplexer values were imported if the number of value table entries was smaller than the number of different Multiplexer values

2012-09-06 - Version 3.0.10 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.3.0


  • New possibility to control the optimized import of value tables. Usually, identical enums are not imported twice, which can now be turned off by setting a registry value

2012-05-14 - Version 3.0.9 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.2.2

Bug fix:

  • Version 3.0.8 introduced the bug that variables and multiplexers in Motorola format were not imported correctly

2012-03-30 - Version 3.0.8 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.2.1

Bug fixes:

  • When importing value tables for signals, value table entries could be lost
  • Signals that overlapped other signals in the data bytes were not imported
  • If a Symbol was exported that had the "Valid for all Data Lengths" option activated, the resulting .dbc file was defective

2012-01-26 - Version 3.0.6 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.2.0

Bug fixes:

  • If a CANdb file was added to a new PCAN-Explorer project and the file was applied for the first time, all messages from the file were imported even if no messages were selected in the list of the CANdb window
  • If a signal was imported that had both Min and Max parameters set to 0, then the signal’s GenSigStartValue attribute was ignored

2011-05-26 - Version 3.0.5 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.1.4

  • Bug fix: Some memory leaks fixed
  • Improvements: The message attribute GenMsgCycleTime is now evaluated when importing a CANdb file

2011-04-07 - Version 3.0.4 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.1.3

Bug fix:

  • If a CANdb file was opened in the Library browser, no messages were preselected in the DBC file window. But if the Apply button was pressed, all messages were imported


  • Messages of protocol type ISO 11783 are treated as J1939 messages
  • If J1939 messages are imported and the J1939 Add-in is not loaded, the messages are imported as extended messages if the data length is between 0 and 8

2010-10-18 - Version 3.0.3 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.1.2

Bug fix:

  • When importing a CANdb database in PCAN Symbol Editor, an error message was displayed if the comment text of a message or a signal contained escape codes (e.g. "\n", Line Feed)

2010-09-01 - Version 3.0.2 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.1.0 

  • Bug fix: More memory leaks fixed
  • Improvement: Importing and exporting of J1939 symbols (if the J1939 Add-in is installed and loaded)

2009-11-23 - Version 3.0.1

  • Bug fix: Memory leaks fixed