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CANdb Import Add-in 6 Version History

2023-04-18 - Version 6.6.2 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.6.2


  • Improved performance when exporting a DBC file (in Symbol Editor)

Bug fixes:

  • A multiplexer was not imported if its value was greater than 80000000h

2022-12-22 - Version 6.6.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.6.1


  • Removed writing of some trailing whitespaces and improved writing of newline characters at line endings

Bug fixes:

  • Explicitly specified destination addresses of J1939 PGs were not correctly imported

2021-09-22 - Version 6.5.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.5.0


  • New search field in Import/Export window

Bug fixes:

  • The Import/Export window was restored outside the visible desktop area if the saved window size was larger than the current desktop resolution
  • The sorting column of the Import/Export window was not always restored correctly
  • Addresses a potential issue where enums could not be imported correctly from a CANdb file

2020-02-17 - Version 6.3.5 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.5

Bug fixes:

  • Line breaks in an exported CANdb file were malformed, which could result in errors loading the file into third-party tools

2019-12-02 - Version 6.3.4 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.4


  • The speed of the export operation has been improved

Bug fixes:

  • When a symbol with a single multiplexer was exported, all variables in the symbol were exported as non-multiplexed signals
  • When exporting to a DBC file, special characters were encoded in UTF-8 instead of ANSI

2019-06-07 - Version 6.3.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.1


  • If a large Symbols file is exported, the dialog window for selecting the individual messages to export is now displayed much faster
  • Improved export processing with writing data directly into the target file without buffering

Bug fixes:

  • The number of selected messages was not shown when the CANdb export function was called
  • An export operation could not be canceled
  • Some input elements were still enabled even when an export operation was running

2019-03-26 - Version 6.3.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.0

Bug fixes:

  • If a variable was exported that had an integer or floating-point data type and used an Enum text as default value, an Access Violation error occurred

2018-12-13 - Version 6.2.2 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.2.2

Bug fixes:

  • Internal parser buffer size increased to catch the error "Line too long", which occurred for larger Value Tables

2018-07-20 - Version 6.2.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.2.0

Bug fixes:

  • When a CANdb Import window was closed in the PCAN-Explorer environment, an Access Violation error could occur
  • Selecting and deselecting individual messages in the configuration window did not have the desired effect, and the selected configuration was not stored in the project file

2017-09-15 - Version 6.1.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.1.0

Bug fixes:

  • CANdb files could not be included in the list of recently used files

2016-10-13 - Version 6.0.5 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.5

Bug fix:

  • Importing a DBC file containing CAN FD messages via the File Open command or the Recent Files list did not automatically adjust the Symbols File Format to version 6.0, so that warnings could be displayed after the file was loaded

2016-09-02 - Version 6.0.3 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.3

Bug fixes:

  • Some minor bug fixes

2016-06-09 - Version 6.0.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.1

  • First Release