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Notice about Counterfeit Products

Counterfeits of our hardware products are increasingly being offered in the Asian region, especially in China and Taiwan. This concerns in particular the much sold PC-CAN interface PCAN-USB.

NOTE: The function of a counterfeit product can be faulty and can negatively affect your entire CAN-based system. You won't receive any support by PEAK-System nor our distributors when using a counterfeit product.

Recognizing Counterfeit Products

In general, many counterfeits use a casing with different characteristics in comparison to the genuine product. The genuine casing of the PCAN-USB (IPEH-002021, IPEH-002022) is light gray and has two sections with four inclined corrugations each. Furthermore, the bottom side of the plastic casing has a relief of the PEAK-System logo as direct part of the casing.

NOTE: Sellers of counterfeits may use the stolen original pictures from our website that don't show the imitated products.

Supposedly Compatible Products

There are companies like Nanjing LIKE electronics technology Co., Ltd claiming to offer products that are supposedly compatible to PEAK-System products. This is not true! Our drivers, software, and APIs are designed to work only with our hardware products.

Please note that the device drivers, API interface DLLs, and software files are property of the PEAK-System Technik GmbH. It is illegal to use them with a third-party hardware, even if it should be compatible. This is documented in the EULA or license text of the driver, software, or APIs. This must be accepted during the installation of the drivers or software as well as when using the APIs.

NOTE: Using our drivers, software, or APIs illegally with third-party hardware can lead to damage of your computer and your entire CAN-based system. In that case you cannot expect any support from PEAK-System or our partners.

Purchasing Genuine Products

We have official distributors of our products all over the world. For the two regions mentioned above those are:

Theses are the only distributors for those regions that are authorized by PEAK-System. You may also want to check the list off all our distributors on the corresponding web page.