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2021-07-15 • Firmware Update 1.4 brings Transmission of Symbols

We offer the new firmware version 1.4.0 for the PCAN-Diag FD. A new key feature is the transmission of single symbols with predefined data. These signal values for a symbol yield by default from the symbol definition, but can be adjusted in the PCAN-Diag FD.

The project management in the device has been extended with the possibilities to create new projects or projects based on existing ones.

Furthermore, some details have been improved, such as the bit indications for the measurement cursors in the Scope function, the addition of the screen for incoming symbols with transmit sequences, and modifications in the handling of the device, for example by pressing the push dial for a longer time. Tip: Refer to the notes in the device help.

You can find a detailed list of all changes in the version history of the PCAN-Diag FD firmware.

Notes on the Update Procedure

Please consider the following notes to ensure correct operation with the new firmware.

Download Package:

We recommend updating not only the device firmware itself, but also the associated files. Proceed as follows:

  1. Get the download package for the PCAN-Diag FD from our website.
  2. Establish a USB connection between the PC and the PCAN-Diag FD.
    A new drive appears for the internal memory card of the PCAN-Diag FD.
  3. Unpack the download package including the directory structure into the root directory of the drive; let existing files be overwritten during the process.
    This not only provides a new firmware file, but also the suitable device help and the templage file for the available bit rates are updated.
  4. Then perform a firmware update to version 1.4.0 in the PCAN-Diag FD via the Support menu.

Reload Project:

After updating the firmware to version 1.4.0, please reload the previously used project via the menu command Projects > Load Project.

Symbols Usage:

With firmware version 1.4.0, the functionality of the binary symbol file format (*.syb) being used internally in the PCAN-Diag FD has been extended. Previous binary symbol files in the existing projects are still supported. To use the extended functionality, we recommend to re-transfer the projects from the supplied Windows program PCAN-Diag FD Editor (at least version 1.1.0) to the PCAN-Diag FD. This will create the binary symbol files with the new format.


Each project on the PCAN-Diag FD contains its own bit rate definitions. These are stored in the respective project folder in the Bitrates.ini file.

If you haven't made any adjustments to the generic bit rate definitions in your projects so far, we recommend to overwrite the Bitrates.ini file per project with the one from the project folder PrjTemplate. This will give you an up-to-date selection of bitrates for CAN 2.0 and especially for CAN FD.