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PCAN-Explorer 6.4.0

2020-11-02 • New version of our professional software for working with CAN and CAN FD buses

Version 6.4.0 of the PCAN-Explorer is now available. Apart from changes and bug fixes, the most important improvements are:

  • Enhanced layout and display options for the Transmit / Receive windows
  • Added new properties, possibilities, and methods of the Automation interface
  • Added new option for relative and differential timestamps in Trace windows
  • Major improvements for the PCAN-Symbol Editor:
    • Greatly improved speed when working with large Symbols files
    • Added support for High-DPI displays
    • Added new possibility to define an Enum as a bit mask
    • Added support for newer ARXML file formats
  • Major improvements of the J1939 Add-in:
    • Updated the database to the revision from July 2020
    • New possibility to reject incoming TPCM.RTS messages for specific PGNs so that a TPCM.ConnAbort is sent to reject the data transfer
    • Includes new experimental J1939 DTC Monitor Add-in that can be used to display and request Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and other diagnostic messages (Windows® 10 required)
    • When specifying a Manufacturer Code for the J1939 NAME field, a new Lookup dialog box can be displayed to search and select a Manufacturer Code from a list of all registered manufacturers

The new software version is provided automatically via the update function of the PCAN-Explorer. A list of all improvements, changes, and bug fixes can be found in the version histories.

Version History PCAN-Explorer