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Firmware Development 2.0

2020-07-23 • New Development Package for Programming our ARM-based Products

We have created and published our own development package for our ARM-based programmable products. The new package replaces the previous development packages based on the Yagarto toolchain and offers many advantages.

Advantages of the new development package:

  • Improved support for current Windows versions
  • Easy setup with Visual Studio Code IDE
  • Uncomplicated upload of your custom firmware with PEAK-Flash
  • A single development package for all supported products

Supported products:

  • PCAN-Router
  • PCAN-Router DR
  • PCAN-Router FD
  • PCAN-Router Pro
  • PCAN-Router Pro FD
  • PCAN-RS-232

Contents of the development package:

  • Compiler and build tools for Windows® 10, 8.1 (32-/64-bit)
  • Programming examples for all supported products
  • PEAK-Flash, a software for uploading firmware via CAN
  • Quick start guides in German and English

Note: The product documentation still refers in some cases to the use of the Yagarto development package. The setup and use of the development package is documented in detail in the enclosed quick start guide. The user manuals of the products are being revised.

Download: Development package for ARM-based products