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Linux Driver 8.5.1 released

2017-10-27 • New Version of the PCAN-Linux Driver available

PCAN-Linux Driver Download Version 8.5.1


  • Driver and library include 2 new functions/ioctls that enable to get/set options values to an opened channel:
    • Set a delay between each frame written on the CAN bus (CAN FD controllers only)
    • Set a new hardware timestamp mode that enables applications to get the raw timestamp values from the device    
    • Get the features of a channel (CAN FD capable, device number can be set,...)
    • Set the acceptance code and mask for 11-bit and 29-bit CAN IDs (standard or extended modes)
    • Define what kinds of message the application wants to receive: CAN, RTR, STATUS, ERROR, ...
  • The driver can be built with Kernels more recent than 4.10 in which pci_enable_msi_range() has been removed
  • Fixed BTR0BTR1 bit rate conversion with CAN adapters equipped with a clock > 8 MHz
  • Library's Makefile automatically builds the 32-bit version when running a 64-bit system if it is capable to
  • Tx and Rx error counters are now read from SJA1000 devices too
  • Added ERROR_MSG handling (SJA1000 + CAN FD controllers): the driver now forwards any error message it gets from the controller to the application. Application is notified of these errors, if the feature is enabled
  • The warning message "Compiling for __LP64__" displayed by the "make" command, has been removed
  • The Bootloader version is also given when any CAN USB adapters like the PCAN-USB FD is connected (dmesg)
  • The "CAN 2.0 A/B" mode is forced when a CAN FD controller is not initialized in CAN FD mode
  • Included the patch from "Benad, Friedrich [DE]" that enables to compile the driver in netdev mode with Kernel 3.0
  • udev/45-pcan.rules: Fixed a typo in a comment
  • Add "peak_pciefd" (the mainline driver since 4.12) to the blacklist when PCAN is installed
  • Fixed RTR flag usage in outgoing CAN FD messages (unused) as well as an endianness issue in outgoing CAN messages (only big endian architectures)
  • Fixed issues around timestamping: now PCANFD_INIT_TS_DRV_REL is correctly handled
  • Fixed a compilation error with Kernel 4.11+ in netdev mode (last_rx field has been removed from struct net_device from v4.11)
  • Added "deftsmode" module parameter that enables to define the default timestamp mode used for all of the channels. This is useful for netdev mode
  • Fixed DMA usage in control URB with Kernel 4.13 for all PCAN-USB FD interfaces as well as for the PCAN-USB Pro. Kernel 4.13 is the Kernel of Ubuntu 17.10
  • Fixed lonely "(le)" (or "be") message in dmesg

Download - PCAN-Linux Driver
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