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2014-04-01 • New Software Updates for the CAN-over-IP Gateways

The PCAN-Gateway product family allows the connection of CAN busses over LAN or WLAN. CAN frames are wrapped in TCP or UDP message packets and then forwarded via the IP network from one device to another. The configuration of the devices is done via a comfortable web interface.

With the latest software update, the devices receive new features. You can access them via the configuration website. The major enhancements are the setting of user-defined CAN bitrates and the possibility to deactivate the PCAN-Gateway handshake procedure for individual routes. Find detailed information about the enhancements and changes in the new version history and in the current documentation.

Please note: Each model of the PCAN-Gateway product family requires its own software update. Therefore, download the appropriate update package for your device. The update is installed via the configuration website. Simply follow the instructions on the page Device >> Software Update.

Version History

Download Package: PCAN-Ethernet Gateway DR
Download Package: PCAN-Wireless Gateway DR
Download Package: PCAN-Wireless Gateway