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PCAN-Router Pro FD

2021-06-24 • Ethernet Extension for the CAN FD Router and Data Logger

The PCAN-Router Pro FD, a six channel CAN FD router and data logger from PEAK-System, is now optionally available with an RJ-45 Ethernet interface. The hardware can be programmed with a custom firmware which is uploaded via the CAN bus. The supplied development package includes various C/C++ programming examples for utilizing the capabilities of the PCAN-Router Pro FD and its new Ethernet interface.

On delivery, the PCAN-Router Pro FD is equipped with a ready-to-use firmware for recording CAN 2.0 and CAN FD data traffic. The configuration of the CAN channels, the IP connection, and of all recording settings is done with a text file and does not require any programming skills. The configuration as well as the trace files are stored on the internal 16 GByte eMMC memory or on an inserted SD card.

Usually, the memory is accessed via a USB connection. With the Ethernet interface available, the data can be transferred via the connected IP network using FTP. In addition, the hardware and data logging can be controlled remotely via IP using a WebSocket connection. For this, a WebSocket client software is required. An example website with a JavaScript implementation of a WebSocket client is included in the development package and can be used to easily connect to the PCAN-Router Pro FD.

The development package with the enhanced data logger firmware, updated programming examples, and upgrade files can be downloaded free of charge and can also be used with the standard edition of the PCAN-Router Pro FD. The configuration and operation of the data logger firmware as well as its new features are documented in the manual.


Various upgrades for the PCAN-Router Pro FD are available within the development package and a separate upgrade package. We recommend installing the upgrades according to the enclosed instructions to enable the full functionality of your device.

With the new bootloader version 2.0.11 for example, developers can activate the bootloader with the Log Off Card button which simplifies the firmware upload.