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MU-Thermocouple1 CAN Press Release

2009-02-17 • Configurable System for Data Acquisition and Processing

With the temperature measuring unit MU-Thermocouple1 CAN PEAK-System extends its range of I/O systems with CAN connectivity. Measuring data from eight thermocouples is picked up by the measuring unit, processed by the integrated microcontroller, and then transmitted via the connected CAN bus.

Normally the measuring unit is provided for thermocouples of the same type. Measuring modules for the temperature ranges J (-210 to +1121 °C), K (-200 to +1370 °C), and T (-200 to +400 °C) are available. On request a mixed equipment with these types is possible.

The preprocessing of the measurement data (e.g. scaling) as well as the CAN parameters can easily be configured by a Windows application. A configuration is then sent to the measuring unit via the CAN bus.

Download: MU-Thermocouple1 CAN Press Release
MU-Thermocouple1 CAN details