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Virtual PCAN-Gateway

2015-07-16 • Direct Access to CAN-Over-IP Gateways on Windows

The PCAN-Gateway product line allows the connection of various CAN busses over IP networks. CAN frames are wrapped into TCP or UDP message packets and then forwarded from one device to another.

With the Virtual PCAN-Gateway, we now provide the possibility to directly access a PCAN-Gateway via a computer. With the Windows software, a virtual connection similar to the one of two PCAN-Gateways is established. Afterwards, the CAN channels of the hardware are provided like CAN interfaces that are connected to the PC. They can be used with any CAN application from PEAK-System or software that is based on a CAN API from PEAK-System.

The Virtual PCAN-Gateway is included in our new driver installation package and can be used with every device of the PCAN-Gateway product family. It is available free of charge as a download.

Virtual PCAN-Gateway product details