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PCAN-Router FD

2015-11-19 • Freely programmable router for CAN FD and CAN 2.0

The new PCAN-Router FD from PEAK-System has two CAN channels that support the new CAN FD standard in addition to the conventional CAN 2.0 specification. The module behavior and the data exchange between the two channels are freely programmable. Thus, for example, a conversion of CAN to CAN FD and vice versa is possible and new CAN FD applications can be integrated into existing CAN 2.0 networks.

Using the programming library and the GNU compiler for C and C++, a firmware is created and then transferred to the module via CAN. On delivery, the PCAN-Router FD is using a demo firmware whose source code is contained as example in the scope of supply.

The PCAN-Router FD is available either with two D-Sub connectors or with a screw terminal strip. Besides the CAN FD, the connectors have a digital I/O pin and an RS-232 interface for additional control functions.

Details: PCAN-Router FD