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Linux Driver 7.13 released

2014-10-21 • New Version of the PCAN-Linux Driver available

PCAN-Linux Driver Download Version 7.13 (20.10.2014)


  • Added a new feature that exports the "Device ID" which might be written into some PCAN devices (such as the PCAN-USB family devices) to sysfs so that it can be read by Udev system and used for creating /dev nodes names. See the new 45-pcan.rules file which now gives examples on how to use it. This "Device ID" may also be used in the "canx" name of the "netdev" (socketCAN) interfaces, by the mean of the "assign=devid" module parameter
  • Please note: the "Device ID" value is ONLY used if its value is not the default value (-1). It can be changed with: "pcan-settings /dev/pcanusbX -d new_value"
  • Please note: column "ndev" of cat /proc/pcan has been enlarged to display canXYZ strings
  • Fixed udev rules for correct naming of /dev/pcanxx symlinks to USB CAN devices: USB CAN devices /dev/pcanxx names start from xx=32, what ever CONFIG_USB_DYNAMIC_MINORS Kernel
    configuration is
  • Fixed pcan-settings tool to be able to handle 32-bits Device IDs
  • Added support for Kernel 3.17
  • Added support of the new PCAN-ExpressCard 34
  • Minor changes in the user manual

Download - PCAN-Linux Driver

Download- Manual (PDF)

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