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Linux Driver 8.2 released

2016-11-08 • New Version of the PCAN-Linux Driver available

PCAN-Linux Driver Download Version 8.2 (08.11.2016)


  • Fixed netdev lock/unlock around device_write()
  • Added information read from linux-can into /sys/class/pcan
  • Increased Tx fifo up to 500 entries
  • Fixed typo in Udev script: ctrl_number is actually ctrlr_number
  • Added two new ioctl to get bit timing ranges as well as available clocks from the driver (pcanfd.h, libpcanfd.h, and libpcanfd.c impacted)
  • Sample_point ratio is taken into account now, when computing bit timings specs
  • Added rtai and xeno as new Makefile targets
  • Removed OFD_DSAMPLEPT bits (pcanfd_open() only): if sample_point is given then it must be given for both nominal and data bit rates
  • The driver now considers the bit rate value only if BRP is not 0
  • Fixed handling of some errors cases from CAN-FD adapters
  • pcanfdtst(RTAI): creates a better unique task ID
  • Removed forgotten DEBUG logs for PCAN-PCI Express FD
  • Usage of RX_BARRIER mechanism in PCAN-PCI Express FD to prevent from any spurious interrupts
  • Added some control on channel index received from PCAN-PCI Express FD
  • Added PCANFD_BUS_ERROR as a new STATUS message to give SJA1000 applications BUS_ERROR interrupt notifications Added the STATUS message software ACTIVE for SJA1000 based devices. It occurs as soon as the bus is set up
  • Added support of MSI for the PCAN-PCI Express FD (see also new "fdusemsi" module parameter)
  • The SJA1000 interrupt handler is not entirely locked anymory. Only write access is locked
  • The global init of PCAN-PCI-like boards was moved to _probe() function
  • Fixed usage of "irqmaxloop" and "irqmaxrxmsg" when they're 0 on cmd line
  • Speed up of the way Rx frames are read and saved from the SJA1000 Rx buffer
  • Fixed a bug concerning the limitation of STATUS messages, which could cause that further status changes of the bus were not notified
  • Added the new module parameters "usemsi" and "fdusemsi" to ctrl if MSI should be enabled (0=INTA mode only, 1=MSI mode tested, 2=shared MSI mode tested). "usemsi" default = 1 and "fdusemsi" default = 2
  • Makefile: Added KBUILD_EXTRA_SYMBOLS def to remove 'undefined symbols' messages when building the driver with RTAI
  • libpcan.c: Added const qualifier to each pointer that cannot be modified
  • Posted a soft STATUS msgs when the driver exits from any error cases, to notfiy user application of the end of the error status
  • Fixed how DMA is handled in PCAN-PCI Express FD: now Rx DMA is set once for all while Tx DMA is setup each time the device is opened
  • Fixed the netdev way of copying clocks from pcan (no more intern_prescaler usage)
  • Enlarged bit timing ranges of any CAN-FD PC interface to their max
  • Fixed computation of bitrate_real field when setting bit rate using BRP

Download - PCAN-Linux Driver
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