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2015-12-18 • Optical LIN connection for explosion-risk areas & EMC tests

In order to use the LIN field bus also in areas subject to explosion hazards or to electromagnetic susceptibility (e.g. during EMC measurements), PEAK-System has developed the PLIN-LWL. This can be used to substitute a segment of the electrical LIN bus by fiber optic cable. A PLIN-LWL set contains two converter modules and a duplex FO cable with standard ST connectors.

The electromagnetic compatibility of a converter module can be optimized by hardware configuration. At bit rates of up to 10.4 kbit/s, an electrical LIN transmission is possible with signal edges being less steep. Another measurement to improve EMC is the use of the implemented linear voltage regulator (instead of the switching regulator) for input voltages up to 20 Volts. A converter module is supplied either via the low-voltage input (e.g. for the supplied mains adapter) or via a separate pin on the D-Sub connector.

Details: PLIN-LWL