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2018-06-19 • Software Update 2.7 with JSON Interface for Software Access

The PCAN-Gateway product family from PEAK-System enables the connection of CAN buses via IP networks. The CAN messages are packed as data in TCP or UDP messages and forwarded via an IP network. CAN systems can thus be integrated into IoT environments and have an alternative access point for remote diagnostics.

The configuration of the PCAN-Gateways is done via a comfortable website, which can be time-consuming for multiple devices. The JSON interface released with the software package 2.7 offers developers an alternative way to access the devices. A JSON-formatted request is sent to the PCAN-Gateway as a GET parameter of a URL. Requested information or the status of a configuration request is returned as a JSON-formatted response. This makes it possible to develop software for automated monitoring and configuration of all PCAN-Gateways connected to the IP network.

The new software package 2.7 is now available free of charge. The JSON interface and its use is described in detail in the PCAN-Gateway developer documentation.

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