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Linux Driver 8.4.0 released

2017-06-14 • New Version of the PCAN-Linux Driver available

PCAN-Linux Driver Download Version 8.4.0 (2017-06-14)


  • make: fixed usage of "device_lock" only if HANDLE_HOTPLUG is defined, to avoid compilation errors when USB and PCC support not included
  • make: fixed pr_warn() definition with kernels older than 2.6.35
  • make: added new option: COMPAT_SUPPORT=NO that disables CONFIG_COMPAT (32b application running 64b driver)
  • make: better handle cross-compilation when building test applications, installing driver and libs
  • make: fixed usage of 64b string format according to CONFIG_ARCH_DMA_ADDR_T_64BIT
  • make: fixed wrong and useless comparison (a == a) of interface number for USB FD devices
  • make: fixed sysfs attr type when CONFIG_DEBUG_LOCK_ALLOC is y
  • make: added support of OpenSuse -like systems, where headers aren't stored like in Debian's
  • make install: fixed depmod usage in cross-compilation environment
  • make install: added DESTDIR_DEV to be able to install headers files somewhere else than the running rootfs (default is DESTDIR)
  • PCAN-FD: map PCANFD_INIT_BUS_LOAD_INFO user API flag to the CANFD BUSLOAD option, to limit hardware interrupts rate if "bus load" is not a useful info
  • PCAN-FD: fixed some "Unknown adapters" display by adding some missing supported FD adapter names
  • PCAN-PCIe FD: added specific sysfs properties to get read access to rx/tx dma areas logical/virtual addresses
  • PCAN-PCIe FD: added dmamask module parameter
  • PCAN-PCIe FD: fixed "non-working" bug on very 1st open() + read() sequence
  • PCAN-USB FD: fixed bug in timeval_add_us() when count of µs value was exactly 1M and "ts_high" wrapped
  • PCAN-Chip USB: added support
  • libpcanfd: fixed usage of (both) "sample_pt" args in call of pcanfd_open()
  • libpcanfd: fixed sample point computation when OFD_BTR0BTR1 or OFD_BRPTSEGSJW is used in pcanfd_open()
  • driver: fixed display of usemsi/fdusemsi default values (modinfo)
  • driver: fixed computing of btr0btr1 by taking into account sample_point value. Now, sysfs btr0btr1 property displays the right value according to the selected sample_pt
  • driver: normalized clock drift handling for 32b and 64b archs
  • pcanfdtst: added -T option so that received timestamps are tested if they don't come from the future, or if they aren't too different from 'now'

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