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CAN FD Interfaces for USB

2014-09-16 • CAN FD via PCAN-USB FD & PCAN-USB Pro FD

CAN FD, the evolution of the proven CAN bus, can now be connected to PCs with two USB interfaces from PEAK-System. While PCAN-USB FD offers a single CAN FD channel, PCAN-USB Pro FD has two CAN FD and two LIN channels, distributed on two D-Sub connectors. The CAN FD channels are each galvanically isolated up to 500 V. The interfaces can reach transfer rates of up to 12 Mbit/s for the maximum 64 data bytes of a CAN FD frame. Both products make use of the USB 2.0 standard, ensuring a lower latency than on USB  1.1. Device drivers are available for Windows 8.1, 7, Vista, as well as Linux.

The included monitoring software PCAN-View for Windows is released in version 4 as part of the CAN FD enhancements. Besides the previous hexadecimal representation of data, this can now be displayed in decimal or in ASCII format. Moreover, the PC interfaces can be set to listen-only mode for CAN bus analysis. Both PCAN-USB FD and PCAN-USB Pro FD are able to show the physical bus load with PCAN-View and can specifically generate errors in CAN communication.

With version 4, also the free PCAN-Basic API for Windows receives the support of the new standard, allowing the connection of own software to CAN and CAN FD busses.

PCAN-USB FD Product Details
PCAN-USB Pro FD Product Details