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PCAN-Linux Driver 8.1

2016-06-10 • Release of the new version 8.1 with CAN FD support

With the release of version 8.1, the Beta test of the new PCAN-Linux driver with CAN FD support is finished. The following list includes the changes of the current version 8.1 and of the former beta releases 8.0.x.

Driver Download Version 8.1
10.06.2016 - Version 8.1 - Updates:

  • First release of PCAN v8 handling CAN-FD and new CAN-FD API
  • pcanfd_pci: fixed 64-bits version
  • Upgraded user documentation

17.05.2016 - Beta Version 8.0.25 - Updates:

WARNING: using this version over any 8.0.x-beta needs rebuilding and reinstalling everything!

  • pcan_parse.c: fixed timestamp display
  • Added SingleShot feature for SJA1000 (-like) controllers (see PCANFD_MSG_SNG bit in pcanfd.h)
  • Fixed clock drift handling with PCAN-USB (Pro) FD in timestamps
  • Added "host_time_ns" and "hw_time_ns" new fieds in "struct pcanfd_state" to inform the user of the current timestamps basis
  • pcanfd-pci: forced fallback into INTA mode if MSI did not give the exact count of requested msgs, since experiments show that MSI are not sharable
  • Fixed clock drift to lower integer rounded effects

01.04.2016 - Beta Version 8.0.20 - Updates:

  • CAN 2.0 PCAN-USB devices: usage of dynamic mem alloc instead of static one for sent commands (required for other arch and/or usb controller drivers, like RPi3 + dwc_otg)
  • Read/write access: fixed usage of msg type for input CAN frames
  • Read/write access: set default init flag PCANFD_INIT_FD for uCAN devices so that default open is CAN-FD
  • Driver/Makefile: included remarks made by Mr. Udo Sprute (thx!) to build things cleaner
  • Open: fixed bug around mutex that could be released twice
  • Changed the way of locking access to the Tx engine vs. ISR and multi-tasking access

08.03.2016 - Beta Version 8.0.17 - Updates:

  • Fixed compilation issues with 2.6.32 LTE
  • Fixed typo in sysfs "nom_tsegx"
  • Checked status of class_create_file() to fix __must_check attribute
  • Fixed missing ending ; and removed DEBUG define
  • Fixed compilation of the driver when USB is not included nor supported
  • Fixed dma_addr_t usage against 32/64-bits arch dma addr type
  • Fixed RT compilation against Xenomai 2.6 kernels

26.02.2016 - Beta Version 8.0.16 - Updates:

  • CAN FD support for all PEAK-System CAN FD PC interfaces
  • Improved memory copies and signaling mechanism to accelerate the processing of messages
  • New modern and message oriented CAN FD API offering multi-messages read/write, enhanced status information, several bit-timing specifications for both nominal and data bitrates, clock selection, ... (new "pcanfd.h" include file and new "libpcanfd" library)
  • Bus load, rx and tx CAN errors counters available in messages received by the application (when supported by the hardware)
  • Extensive use of "/sysfs" to export lots of the properties and statistics for each CAN/CAN FD device node to user space
  • New free "pcanfdtst" test application enables to test CAN 2.0 as well as CAN FD transfer
  • 100% compatible with the old CAN API (old "pcan.h" include file and "libpcan" library are included by the new ones)
  • Enhanced support of real time (enhanced support of RTDM in the driver and Xenomai 2.0 and RTAI in the test applications)
  • New "lspcan" tool that displays information as well as statistics for CAN/CAN FD nodes ("/proc/pcan" always present but should be considered for CAN 2.0 usage only)
  • All pcan nodes are moved under "/sys/class/pcan" ("usbmisc" no more needed)
  • New device nodes and new tree representation (board oriented) under "/dev" (the Udev rules heavily make use of the new exported "/sysfs")

Download - PCAN driver for Linux
PEAK-System Linux Website - More Information