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PCAN-Router FD

2020-02-12 • New hardware revision in black

The new hardware version of our router for CAN and CAN FD has not only got a black housing, but also a noticeable upgrade under the hood. Thanks to the CAN transceiver TJA1043T the PCAN-Router FD has wake-up capability and bit rates of 40 kbit/s to 12 Mbit/s. Also, the SPI flash has been increased from 4 to 8 MByte.

The programming examples from the development package were extended accordingly:

  • The new example "C_POWER_STATES" demonstrates how to put the PCAN-Router FD into power-down mode. It can then be restarted via a CAN message (wake-up). Important: This example doesn't work with the previous hardware version of the PCAN-Router FD.
  • The example "8_SPI_FLASH" was updated for the larger SPI flash. To upgrade an existing firmware that uses the SPI flash, it must be recompiled with the "hardware_user.c" from this example. The firmware will then work on routers of the old and new generation.

Link to the product page: PCAN-Router FD