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2020-11-24 • Measurement software supports CAN interfaces from PEAK-System

The measurement software DASYLab distributed by measX supports CAN interfaces from PEAK-System since the latest version 2020.1. Signals of external measuring devices that are transmitted via the CAN bus, can be integrated into DASYLab applications with all PC interfaces of the PCAN series.

The DASYLab software is known as an all-rounder for measurement and control tasks. Signals of all kinds can be captured, analyzed, further processed, and visualized. DASYLab includes various function modules for this purpose, which can be combined and configured via the user interface without any programming.

The company measX from Mönchengladbach offers solutions in the fields of measurement and test engineering, test data management, and evaluation systems. measX is known worldwide for its software X-Crash, which enables well-founded evaluations of vehicle safety.

PEAK-System from Darmstadt is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services for automotive and industrial communication. The focus is on the field buses CAN (FD) and LIN.

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