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Please select the correct device drivers for your operating system and PC interface. See the text below for additional information and help.

Additional Information

  • Device Driver Setup:
    PEAK-System installation package for device drivers and tools for Windows® 10, 8.1 (32/64-bit) for our PC interfaces.
    Included tools: PEAK-CPL, PCAN-View, PLIN-View Pro, and Virtual PCAN-Gateway.

  • Command Line Documentation for PEAK-Drivers Setup
    Documentation for controlling the setup application PEAK-Drivers for installing device drivers and other PEAK-System components via command line with Windows®.

  • Legacy Device Driver Setup:
    PEAK-System installation package for 32-bit Non-Plug-and-Play Windows® drivers for PCAN-PC/104, PCAN-ISA, and PCAN-Dongle (parallel port) as well as a 32/64-bit Plug-and-Play Windows® driver for PCAN-PC Card.

  • Device Driver for RS-232 (PCAN-USB Hub):
    Installation package for the device driver of the RS-232 part of the PCAN-USB Hub (for Windows® and Linux).


Drivers for outdated operating systems are listed here. Please note that we don’t offer support for these drivers anymore.