Embedded CANopen Library
Specific CANopen Solutions for PEAK Hardware Products


Various CANopen® solutions are available for our hardware products. Software libraries or source code based on the Micro CANopen implementation of Embedded Systems Academy can be used to implement custom CANopen device or manager applications for our hardware devices.

The CANopen device configuration is based on CANopen EDS files (Electronic Data Sheet). The provided EDS editor CANopen Architect allows the export of configurations that can be imported by Micro CANopen implementations.

The supported device and application profiles include:

  • CiA® 401 (generic I/O)
  • CiA® 420 (extruder)
  • CiA® 443 (sub-sea)
  • CiA® 447 (special-purpose car)
  • CleANopen
  • and many others

The supported PEAK hardware products are:

  • PCAN-Wireless Gateway
  • PCAN-Wireless Gateway DR
  • PCAN-Ethernet Gateway DR
  • PCAN-RS-232
  • PCAN-Router
  • PCAN-Router FD
  • PCAN-Router DR
  • PCAN-Router Pro

If you are interested or for your custom specific CANopen solution, please send your request to