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LIN Connection Cable for PCAN-LIN

Pre-configured Cable Set for the PCAN-LIN Module

LIN Connection Cable for PCAN-LIN
IPEK-003008 € 25,00

All prices are plus the at present valid value added tax!

On the PCAN-LIN module, the field buses and the power supply are connected together via a D-Sub plug. However, for some applications a separate access to the LIN components is necessary.

The LIN connection cable for PCAN-LIN allows the tapping of individual lines. The LIN and the supply lines are lead directly out to separate plugs and the CAN lines are forwarded to a D-Sub plug.

The connection cable can be used without problems for CAN FD buses.

Please note:

The LIN connection cable for PCAN-LIN is not suitable for use with our PC LIN interfaces.

  • Pre-configured cable set for PCAN-LIN
  • Split-up of the lines from the CAN/LIN connector to:
    • CAN (D-Sub plug, 9-pin)
    • LIN (banana plug, 4 mm)
    • Power supply for LIN (banana plugs, 4 mm)
  • Length about 1.00 m
  • Without terminating resistor
  • Suitable for the use in CAN FD buses
  • LIN Connection Cable for PCAN-LIN

Other lengths and special cable makeup on request.

Additional information:


Suitable to be used with:

  • PCAN-LIN: Interface for LIN, CAN, and RS-232