LabVIEW Driver
LabVIEW Connection for PCAN-Basic and PCAN-Developer

LabVIEW driver for PCAN-Basic
IPES-002076 € 50,00
LabVIEW driver for PCAN-Developer
IPES-002079 € 80,00
LabVIEW driver for PCAN-Basic 4.x (FD)
IPES-002077 € 60,00

All prices are plus the at present valid value added tax!


The LabVIEW drivers support the development environments PCAN-Basic, PCAN-Basic 4.x (FD), and PCAN-Developer. For questions and further information, please contact Mr. Kunze:

System requirements

  • Linking to PCAN-Basic* (supports CAN 2.0A/B):
    - LabVIEW from version 2011
  • Linking to PCAN-Basic* from version 4 (supports CAN 2.0A/B and CAN FD):
    - LabVIEW from version 2011
  • Linking to PCAN-Developer (supports CAN 2.0A/B):
    - valid license of the paid PCAN-Developer package
    - LabVIEW from version 7

* Freely available API for CAN interfaces from PEAK-System


Please Note

The LabVIEW drivers are digitally delivered with an e-mail. Therefore, please enter the e-mail address of the intended recipient in the delivery address or in the comments when ordering.




  • No familiarization time, since C header files (*.h) no longer need to be read and so the associated DLL calls are no longer required
  • For these drivers interface cards and adapters are available that are all operated with the same calls (parallel, ISA, PCI, PC-104, USB etc.)
  • Simplified configuration in LabVIEW via the functions Create-control or Create-constant

Scope of supply

  • LabVIEW driver 
  • Documentation in PDF format


LabVIEW Connection for PCAN-Basic

LabVIEW Connection for PCAN-Basic 4.x (FD)

LabVIEW Connection for PCAN-Developer/Evaluation


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