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PCAN-API 2 (CANAPI2.DLL) Version History

2019-02-06 - Version 2.59.0


  • Several improvements in log file output


  • Default Device changed from PEAKCAN to PCAN_USB
  • CAN_SetDeviceName() calls with parameter value "peakcan" fail on 64-bit systems with error CAN_ERR_ILLPARAMVAL so that the PEAK Hardware Control Panel can be used to override the Default Device for older software that has built in a switch to the legacy 32-bit PEAKCAN device

2016-04-01 - Version 2.58.0

  • Improvement: Closing the different devices when unloading the DLL could cause problems in multi-threaded applications

2015-10-19 - Version 2.57.3

  • Improvement: Some code optimizations

2015-05-12 - Version 2.57.2

  • Bug fix: Querying parameters CAN_PARAM_IPADDRESS and CAN_PARAM_PARTNO from PCAN drivers v4.x did not return correct values

2014-10-13 - Version 2.57.1

Bug fixes:

  • Some minor bug fixes

2014-09-04 - Version 2.57.0


  • New possibility to generate a Log file containing a protocol of all CAN-API function calls
  • Some minor bug fixes

2011-02-23 - Version 2.56.2

  • Small memory leak fixed

2010-05-12 - Version 2.56.1

  • Type of value parameter in CAN_Set..Param() functions was changed from DWORD to UINT_PTR, to make it possible to pass 64-bit pointers to the API DLL on 64-bit platforms
  • Added support for PCAN-USB Pro Error Generator feature
  • Added support for new device "PCAN_VIRTUAL"

2009-07-09 - Version 2.55.0

  • The initialization of the DLL is no longer carried out when loading the DLL, but only if the first API function is called
  • Bug  fix: If CAN_SetDeviceName was called with an unsupported device name parameter, the DLL used a previously opened device for subsequent API calls instead of returning the error code CAN_ERR_NODRIVER
  • Bug  fix: If the DLL was loaded after system start first from a Windows service using System account privileges, accessing the DLL functions was no longer possible with normal user privileges
  • Bug  fix: CAN_GetErrText did not return strings for the error codes CAN_ERR_UNKNOWN and CAN_ERR_ILLFUNCTION

2008-05-09 - Version 2.49.5

  • Supports a new data transfer mechanism between device driver and DLL that was introduced with PCAN drivers V2.49

2006-05-18 - Version 2.48.1

  • A call to CAN_SetDeviceName no longer closes a previously opened device if the device name is different. All devices are now being kept open until the DLL is unloaded. This reduces the overhead when switching repeatedly between devices
  • CAN_Read_Multi now uses a safe non-paged memory block to transfer received messages from the driver to the calling application, to make the data transfer safer and to prevent Blue Screens

2004-11-05 - Version 2.47.1

  • New API function CAN_RemoveAllMsgs

2004-10-29 - Version 2.47.0

  • New API function CAN_SetClientFilterEx

2004-04-23 - Version 2.46.0

  • New API functions CAN_RegisterMemory, CAN_GetMemory, and CAN_RemoveMemory to allocate non-paged memory. All function parameters are copied using a safe non-paged memory block before calling into the device driver

2003-11-26 - Version 2.43.1

  • Bug  fix: CAN_SetDriverParam and CAN_VersionInfo still did not use the Mutex object, which was introduced in V2.20.1 to serialize the API function calls

2003-01-31 - Version 2.42.0

  • Bug  fix: Conversion of Receive Event Handles did not work correctly for Non-WDM Windows 95/98 drivers

2002-12-16 - Version 2.41.1

  • New API function CAN_Read_Multi
  • Some API functions did not use the Mutex object, which was introduced in V2.20.1 to serialize the API function calls

2002-04-25 - Version 2.39.0

  • New API function CAN_SetClientFilter

2001-08-23 - Version 2.31.0

  • Bug  fix: The Receive Event Handle was not converted in dependency of the used platform before it was passed to the device driver

2001-06-26 - Version 2.20.4

  • The DLL reads the Registry value HKLM\Software\PEAK-System\CanApi2\Device when the DLL is loaded to determine the device that shall be opened by default

2001-04-27 - Version 2.20.2

  • Bug  fix: CAN_SetDeviceName did not close a previously opened device

2001-02-20 - Version 2.20.1

  • A Mutex object is used to serialize calls of the API functions

2000-11-28 - Version 2.20.0:

  • New API functions CAN_SetDriverParam and CAN_GetDriverParam