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PCAN-API 4 (CanApi4.dll) Version History

2017-11-16 - Version 4.2.1


  • Minor code optimizations

2017-04-20 - Version 4.2.0


  • Better validation of function parameters

Bug fixes:

  • The bytesWritten out parameter of the CAN_Write() function was only set if the value CAN_ERR_OK was returned
  • Even when the CAN_GetParam() function did not return data due to an error, the content of the provided buffer has nevertheless been changed
  • Logfile output of the CAN_SetParam() function fixed


  • CanApi4.dll only loadable on Windows 7 or later

2016-04-01 - Version 4.1.0


  • New possibility to specify net handle 0 in a CAN_RegisterNet() function call, which causes the net handle to be determined automatically
  • Some API functions did not validate all the passed buffers used to return results
  • Closing the different devices when unloading the DLL could cause problems in multi-threaded applications
  • Some minor improvements


  • NTSTATUS errors from the device driver are now converted into system error codes
  • System error codes returned from API calls have the new CAN_ERR_SYSTEMERROR_MASK bit set

2015-10-19 - Version 4.0.18


  • Some code optimizations