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PCAN-Basic API for Linux Version History

2020-12-16 - Version 4.4.2


  • Fixed compilation error in -std=gnu90
  • 'Initialize' functions will try to retrieve a more precise error when 'pcanfd_open' fails
  • API version string will end with "(debug)" if library is built in debug mode
  • Refactored logging in debug mode and fixed syslog logging
  • pcaninfo changed to v1.2.0: Outputs version of the installed PCAN-Basic API


2020-08-14 - Version 4.4.1


  • Added checks to prevent possible buffer overflows when copying CAN/CANFD message's DATA
  • Added mutex in API entries to provide more robust thread-safe system

2020-08-07 - Version 4.4.0


  • Updated libpcanbasic/pcanbasic to match features from Windows PCAN-Basic 4.4
  • Updated libpcanbasic/pcaninfo to display a short or detailed list of devices
  • Updated pcanbasic_java/libpcanbasic_jni to support features from PCAN-Basic 4.4
  • Updated pcanbasic_java/examples to support features from PCAN-Basic 4.4

2020-03-05 - Version 4.3.4

  • Fixed pcanbasic/Makefile_latest.mk so that shared object can be built under Xenomai 3.1

2020-02-19 - Version 4.3.3

  • Updated the included licensing information

2019-10-09 - Version 4.3.2


  • PCAN-Basic example now supports Python 3
  • Added change logs to the sub projects (libpcanbasic, pcanbasic_java and libpcanbasic_jni)


  • PCANBasic.java: loadLibrary will try "pcanbasic_jni" first and fallback to "PCANBasic_JNI" on failure

2019-04-15 - Version

  • Added support to param PCAN_FIRMWARE_VERSION (0x29)
  • Added support to sysfs params: clk_drift, dev_name, init_flags, mass_storage_mode, nom_sample_point, nom_tq, data_sample_point, data_tq, and ts_fixed
  • Fixed check on pcanfd_open's return value as RT system can return the value 0

2018-08-03 - Version

  • Added missing support of device PCAN_USBX6

2018-03-16 - Version

  • Added a 50ms temporisation when closing a channel that still has Tx pending messages

2018-03-06 - Version

  • Fixed PCANBasic status when receiving EAGAIN from libpcanfd (error is either QXMTFULL or QRCVEMPTY whether read or write function is called)

2018-03-03 - Version

  • Fixed CAN FD timestamp issue
  • Added PCANBasic_enu_linux_addenda.txt that lists differences within documentation compared to Windows

2017-11-03 - Version

  • Fixed alignments in generated trace file (timestamp and 11bit CAN ids)

2017-10-31 - Version

  • Fixed wrong month number in generated trace file
  • Fixed ill use of snprintf in trace file leading to trace only first byte of message data

2017-10-09 - Version

  • Added support of features of PCAN-Basic 4.2 for Windows® (only with PCAN Linux driver > 8.5.x):
    • Reception of status frames: PCAN_ALLOW_STATUS_FRAMES
    • Reception of RTR frames: PCAN_ALLOW_RTR_FRAMES
    • Reception of error frames: PCAN_ALLOW_ERROR_FRAMES
    • Interframe Transmit Delay: PCAN_INTERFRAME_DELAY
  • The package now includes documentation (same as the Windows® version, open .chm files with "xchm" for instance)

2017-10-04 - Version

  • Fixed PCAN_TRACE_xxx features (the feature was never launched when a session was activated by the user)
  • Header now includes new features of PCAN-Basic 4.2 for Windows® (not yet implemented, status will return "illegal operation")

2017-02-17 - Version 4.1.1

  • Patched overflow timestamp issue
  • Corrected a few status error (bad convertions from errno to status)

2016-09-08 - Version

  • Fixed memory leaks issues within "pcanjni" library
  • Replaced the PCANBasic java example with the sample in pcanjni folder

2016-07-20 - Version

  • Changed the version number to match PCAN-Basic for Windows
  • Fixed C99 problem in make file
  • Fixed a bug in Java implementation

Please note: The old API 2.0.4.x is still included to support PEAK linux driver prior version 8.x).

2016-05-20 - Version + Version legacy driver

  • CAN_GetErrorText now returns PCAN_ERROR_ILLPARAMVAL on unknown error status
  • v2.0.4.6: Fixed an issue when retrieving/setting PCAN_DEVICE_NUMBER
  • Java 'peak.can' package updated to match the Windows version of PCAN-Basic

2016-03-16 - Version + Version legacy driver

  • v4.0.0.3: Fixed a null pointer exception when calling CAN_Unitialize(PCAN_NONEBUS) and continuing using the API

2016-03-01 - Version + Version legacy driver

  • v4.0.0.2: Upgraded pcaninfo to match changes in PCAN driver v8.0.17

2016-01-29 - Version + Version legacy driver

  • v4.0.0.1: Upgraded to match changes in PCAN driver v8.0.7

2016-01-18 - Version 4.0.0 + Version legacy driver

  • v2.0.4.5: Fixed GetStatus function. Please note: PCAN driver v7.16.0 is required
  • v2.0.4.5: Known issue: USB channel's handles will be offset if the minor number of the first PCAN-USB device is not 0 (or n=32 in cat /proc/pcan)

2016-01-12 - Version 4.0.0

  • Upgraded PCAN-Basic Linux API to match the Windows version 4.0.2 of PCAN-Basic
  • Please note: PCAN driver v8.0.6 is required

2015-11-04 - Version 2.0.4

  • Fixed impossibility to write an enhanced message with RTR flag

2014-10-17 - Version 2.0.3

  • Changed licences from GPL to LGPL
  • Fixed an issue with using CAN2 of PCAN-USB Pro

2014-01-08 - Version 2.0.2

  • Changed DWORD definition in pcanbasic_jni.c to ensure 32-bits implementation whatever Linux arch data model is used

2013-11-12 - Version 2.0.1

  • Changed all "c_ulong" types to "c_uint" to ensure 32-bits implementation whatever Linux arch data model is used

2013-11-08 - Version 2.0.0

  • Fixed a problem running in 32-bits applications with 64-bits Kernel in python and C++ examples

2013-11-05 - Version 1.0.0

  • Included the version number in PCANBAsic.h and removed the TPCANMsg struc definition to use the one in <pcan.h>
  • Examples setup an initial bitrate of 500k now