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PEAK CAN FD Interfaces with PCIe -
Firmware Version History

Relevant Products

  • PCAN-PCI Express FD (IPEH-004026, IPEH-004027, IPEH-004040)
  • PCAN-miniPCIe FD (IPEH-004045, IPEH-004046, IPEH-004047)
  • PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD (IPEH-004080, IPEH-004081, IPEH-004082)
  • PCAN-M.2 (IPEH-004083, IPEH-004084, IPEH-004085)
  • PCAN-Chip PCIe FD (IPES-004092, IPES-004093)

2022-12-15 - Version 3.5.7

  • Activated internal FPGA pull-up for PCIe reset signal

PEAK-Flash tool with embedded firmware files

2021-12-20 - Version 3.5.6

Note: A firmware version of 3.2.1 or greater on the CAN interface is prerequisite for an update.

  • Bugfix: malformed PCIe TLPs (mix of 32/64 bit DMA transactions ⇒ BSOD)
  • sys_time (timestamp timer) readable on system (device) register block
  • Bugfix: Suppress status frame during BUSOFF when leaving reset-mode
  • Added time-stamp option for start-of-frame
  • Option added to send ACK also as transmitter
  • Option added to ignore (tolerate) BRS frames as receiver
  • Bugfix: bad PCIe TLP length ( issue when busload frame is discarded ⇒ BSOD)
  • PCIe IP Core 6.8 (official release for PCIe Gen 4 enumeration issue)
  • CAN Core Gen 3 v5-1
  • Bugfix: CAN error generator
  • Some performance and features enhancements