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PCAN-Diag 2 - Firmware Version History

2021-03-18 - Version 1.8.14


  • During tracing, the shutdown timeout in case of battery supply is now used. Before shutdown, the trace file is closed properly

Bug fixes:

  • Scope: Trigger output for trigger source "Error" did not work properly anymore. A trigger signal was generated for each CAN frame
  • Scope: Trigger source "CAN ID" did not work properly in case there was a CAN error on the bus
  • Scope: The trigger output was activated unintentionally in case of 29-bit IDs
  • Tracing: When a CAN error frame was written to the trace file, the channel number was not set correctly
  • Tracing: If a CAN filter file was used in a project and the "enable" attribute was set to 0 (disabled), the CAN filter stayed enabled and no CAN data messages were received (just error frames in the trace file)
  • Symbolic view of variables did not update all variables correctly in case multiplexer type was set to "Separate Multiplexers" (PEAK Multiplexer Format). In some cases, messages were not shown at all
  • Correct signal calculation when large offsets are in use

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2020-02-21 - Version 1.8.10

  • Added support for a new rotary encoder since the old one is not available anymore

2016-09-21 - Version 1.8.9


  • Scope: When a CSV or Bitmap is saved, a report file is written which contains the same information as the Report function (only if "show decoded segments" is enabled in "scope settings")
  • The Report file (scope-menue) contains <CR><LF> at the end of each text line instead of <LF>
  • The sort order of symbols is now stored in the configuration as well

Bug fixes:

  • Scope: CSV file did not contain valid scope data when "RUN" was used to capture data
  • Scope: A wrong bitrate was shown in the Report in case there was a stuffbit after the 15th CRC-bit
  • Some other minor bug fixes

17.08.2015 - Version 1.8.6

  • Bugfix Scope: When the "RUN" mode was active (auto-trigger) and at any time the auto trigger was stopped or Zoom or Delay was modified, the last sampled data disappeared
  • Bugfix Scope: when Auto-trigger was stopped, the trigger was not deactivated and the next trigger-event changed the current data

05.05.2015 - Version 1.8.5

  • Improvement: Added a hint in the tracer that the filter.flt is present or not

22.04.2015 - Version 1.8.4

  • Bug fix: The screen was mirrored when scope raw data were saved to the memory card

17.03.2015 - Version 1.8.3

  • Bug fix: The screen was mirrored in the CAN-Bitrate detection dialog

30.01.2015 - Version 1.8.2

  • Bug fix: The LED background is now switched on after the LCD is initialized

13.01.2015 - Version 1.8.1

New features:

  • Added support for the new hardware version and its TFT display
  • When the data logger is used, the firmware sets the CAN filter to the values defined in the optional file "filter.flt" which has to be present in the current project folder. If the file does not exist all CAN-ID’s are logged

Bug fixes:

  • Offset for CAN-H/CAN-L in scope was sometimes calculated wrong
  • After saving raw data to the memory card in the scope menu, access to the memory card from the PC was disabled

Please note:
If you use a firmware less than 1.8.0, you must upgrade to version 1.8.0 before installing a firmware 1.8.x.

03.07.2014 - Version 1.7.1

  • Minor bug fixes

20.02.2014 - Version 1.7.0

New features:

  • Device Settings: "Auto-reset on BusOff"
  • Bus load diagram: possibility to show error rate (blue bars)
  • Scope: Report function provides a compilation of various information about the currently decoded CAN frame
  • Scope: F1 function can be configured to control the first transmit list (Tx1)
  • Variables of multiplexers are displayed either in a single list (common) or as groups according to the multiplexer definitions (separate). This is set when adding symbol files in PCAN-Diag Editor


  • Receive Msgs. as Symbols: Not all defined symbols are shown right away, but only the actually received messages
  • Sort order of symbols can be changed directly in Receive Msgs. as Symbols view (not in Manage Symbol Files anymore)
  • Selected sort order of symbols is stored in EEPROM
  • Scope: Decode function is not available because not needed anymore (new Report function now takes the place)
  • Scope settings: Removed obsolete data readback function

Bug fixes:

  • During a project import the file name of a symbol file was cut off after the first dot in the name
  • Decoding of CAN frames uses sample point and SJW of the CAN bitrate register
  • Selecting "Internal Statistics" lead to device reset, if current real-time clock date was within October to December
  • Scope: Trigger level adjustment only available if Ch2 displays an external signal (BNC connector) and if level triggering is selected

 Please note: PCAN-Diag Editor version 1.2.0 or higher is required for the PCAN-Diag firmware version 1.7.0

22.03.2012 - Version 1.5.1

  • Improvement: More precise signal course display in Scope function
  • New: Filename of bitmap or raw data is shown while file is written
  • New: In the Scope function, the current settings of Zoom and Delay are stored in EEPROM when "Save&OK" is executed in Setting menu
  • Bugfix: Memory was not totally freed up after writing a bitmap to the internal memory card (~550 bytes for each saved picture)

13.03.2012 - Version 1.5.0

New features:

  • Tracing of incoming CAN traffic to internal memory card
  • Playback of previously recorded traces to connected CAN bus
  • ID ranges for symbols implemented (new version of configuration tool PCAN-Diag Editor for Windows needed)


  • Scope: grid is only redrawn if necessary
  • Scope: trigger level is only shown when edge trigger is activated
  • Symbols: limit of 50 signals per message removed
  • Symbols: improved memory management

Bug fixes:

  • D-Sub voltage ranges: negative min/max values could not be used
  • Scope: no triggering in Run mode if the Single trigger wasn't used before

11.10.2011 - Version 1.4.7


  • Adjustments for PCAN-Diag devices with Low-speed CAN or Single-wire CAN transceiver
  • Calibration of the measurement facility for the High-speed CAN termination; status is indicated next to the measuring value: "cal. OK" (green) or "not cal" (red, please contact our support team for calibration)
  • If a transmit list only contains a single CAN message, an edit screen for this message can be directly invoked from the "Transmit Messages" screen. Changes of the message's properties affect directly
  • New mask for editing a CAN message; CAN data can be entered as decimal, hexadecimal, or in a binary field
  • Internal pull-up resistor for the BNC connection disabled by default and activated during use of the oscilloscope function
  • CSV files exported by the oscilloscope function now additionally contain the set bitrate and the date and time
  • Receive messages: Message overrun counter added

Bug fixes:

  • Improvement of message reception reduces possibility of message overruns
  • Measurement of CAN termination returned values being 0.6 % too low

31.05.2011 - Version 1.4.6


  • Scope: CAN frames are automatically decoded after each trigger


  • CAN differential signal renamed from CAN(H-L) to CAN-Diff
  • Number of Enums increased from 250 to 400
  • Shows "Saving bitmap ..." while writing to memory card

Bug fixes:

  • Import of a new project corrupted internal memory if too many transmit lists were defined
  • Memory corruption if Enums were used (device might crash)
  • Differential scope signal (blue) was drawn outside screen area
  • Saving of scope settings did not work
  • Import of project did not load settings for CAN trigger ID/format/type
  • New bug since V1.4.5: saving of bitmaps was not possible
  • Device Settings > User CAN bitrates: when BTR was set to 0x0000, SP and SJW was displayed as 0 immediately (update problem)

Version 1.4.5


  • Scope can display CAN-H and CAN-L as a differential signal
  • Device Settings: Up to 8 User Bitrates can be defined
  • Scope signal is shown in red in case that the ADC upper or lower limit is reached


  • Number of symbol messages and variables increased

Version 1.4.4


  • Symbols can be sorted by ID, Name, and Count
  • Symbols are shown in RED in case of a Message Timeout

Bug fix:

  • Selected list item has a different color

Version 1.4.3

  • Improvement: Bootloader update possible via firmware update (special bootloader file required)
  • Several bug fixes concerning the display of symbols

Version 1.4.2

  • Bug fix: '°'-Character can be used in Symbol names and units
  • Folder in Root directoy renamed from "PCANDiag" to "PCAN-Diag"
  • First official release version

Version 1.4.1

  • "Profiles" removed and replaced by "Projects"
  • At module startup it is checked whether the currently active project has been updated in the memory card. If so, the project is loaded from memory card and copy in eeprom is updated
  • Several optimizations in the procesing of symbols

Version 1.4.0

  • Separate Firmware for memory card support/non memory card support
  • Profiles contain all configurations (Settings, Scope + Transmitlists)
  • Added ok/save&ok/exit for menu "Manage Transmit List"
  • Changed static memory for transmit lists into dynamic memory allocation to increase memory for heap (224k heap required for firmware update)
  • Changed static memory for scope sample buffer into dynamic memory allocation
  • Bug fix: Display current level of submenus in topline of screen correctly