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PCAN-Diag FD - Firmware Version History

2022-10-07 - Version 1.4.2


  • Included the J1939 Add-in for the PCAN-Diag FD. An additional license is required to use its features
    • Support of the SAE J1939 standard
    • Representation of J1939 data interpreted according to PG and SP definitions
    • SAE J1939 databases with all definitions and the included parameters are included in the PCAN-Diag FD package from now on
    • Definition of up to 20 custom PGs
    • Decoding of multi-packet messages with payload data up to 1785 bytes
    • Support for address claiming
    • Display of DM and DTC diagnostic data
  • Increased the base frequency of the LED background output driver from 5 kHz to 20 kHz, because in some cases a 5 kHz noise was present
  • CAN trace settings are now stored when a project is saved, and restored when the project is loaded
  • If listen-only mode is active, the user can disable it when opening the menu CAN Data > Raw CAN Messages

Bug fixes:

  • Transmit lists: in case of a cyclic RTR frame entry, the "active" checkbox was always disabled
  • If listen-only mode is active:
    • The menus "Transmit symbols" and "Play back trace" cannot be entered anymore
    • The indication of the receive error state in the top status line is now corrected
  • CAN Data > Raw CAN Messages:
    • Drawing of hotkeys was not correct in 90° and 270° orientation
    • If a new message was added, this message was removed when the settings menu was entered before the modified messages were saved
  • Minor bug fixes and layout optimizations

Download Package

Version 1.4.1


  • A long key press on F3 generates a screenshot. If successful this is confirmed by a "beep beep" sound
  • A notice was added if the project directory of the current project is missing on startup

Bug fix:

  • Sometimes the device did not start with a single button press

2021-07-09 - Version 1.4.0


  • Added CAN Data > Transmit Symbols. Each of the defined symbols can be transmitted either with default values or with adjusted values
  • CAN Data > Receive Symbols: Transmit sequences (raw messages) are available on this screen
  • Projects can be created based on the default project or another one existing on the internal memory card
  • Scope: Cursor 1 indicates the precise bit position instead of just the bit range
  • Updated the Bitrates.ini file. Updating old projects is recommended
  • Extended user interface functionality in symbolic display of CAN messages by pressing medium-long or by pressing and holding the push dial
  • Device help can be obtained in many places by pressing and holding hotkey 4


  • Menu item CAN Data > CAN Message View renamed to Raw CAN Messages
  • Menu item CAN Data > Transmit Messages omitted. Transmission functionality was moved completely to CAN Data > Raw CAN Messages
  • Menu item CAN Data > Trace Messages:
    • Busload is no longer available as a recording option
    • Updated the file name characters set
  • Busload measurement:
    • Optional graph for errors (blue) shows error frames per second instead of busload
    • Indication of total errors
  • DVI output signal uses 800 x 600 pixels at 60 Hz (better compatibility to different types of external screens)
  • Changed Hotkeys on some screens
  • Revised display settings for graphs in Measurements > Bus Load and Measurements > Analog
  • Bit rate detection uses bit rates for CAN 2.0 and bit rate sets for CAN FD that are defined in Bitrates.ini file

Bug fixes:

  • CAN Data > Receive Symbols: Solved some issues for the symbolic representation of CAN data
  • If another transmit list was loaded via the settings in the CAN messages view, it could happen that the transmit list wasn't shown right away
  • If specific file types were selected in View Files, the device could freeze
  • The battery symbol was not shown in status bar if an external display was used via DVI connection
  • Bitmap screenshots are now saved correctly if a DVI connection to an external display is active
  • Minor bug fixes and layout optimizations

2020-01-24 - Version 1.3.9

Bug fixes

  • Symbolic view of variables did not update all variables correctly in case multiplexer type was set to "separate multiplexer" (PEAK Multiplexer Format). In some cases messages were not shown at all
  • CRC17/CRC21 calculation of non-ISO CAN FD frames in the scope-menu (decoder) was wrong

2018-08-28 - Version 1.3.7

Bug fixes

  • Fixed potential endless loop in power supply firmware
  • Fixed calculation of cell voltages in cases that the voltages are low

2018-05-15 - Version 1.3.6


  • Measurement > CAN termination: Removed the calibration option. It is now available via Support > Calibration CAN Termination
  • Measurement > CAN termination: Added a visual indication of the measured termination (green = ok, yellow = out of range)
  • Scope: Added "ack start delay" to reports which is the delay between the minimum expected start of ACK until the received start of ACK field)

Bug fixes

  • Power supply: There were problems with the detection of the akku charge level and the akku charging
  • Busload: Under certain conditions, the busload was not displayed coreectly
  • Minor bug fixes and changes of text labels

2018-01-09 - Version 1.3.5

  • Power supply: Fixed an issue where cells are continuously discharged when the device is off but connected to a power supply
  • Power supply: Fixed an possible issue where cell level might not set to full after charging under special conditions
  • Changing from HDMI to TFT was not working correctly when the scope-menu was started in HDMI
  • Fixed the symbolic representation for CAN FD frames with DLC > 8

2017-11-28 - Version 1.3.3


  • Some UI text adjustments

Bug fixes:

  • CAN Data: Module crashed when CAN data was displayed as symbols and symbol list was larger than display size
  • CAN Data: When option "Separate multiplexers" was selected, only multiplexed signals were displayed; all non-multiplexed signals stayed hidden
  • Scope: If no sample data is present, "Report" now doesn't show invalid data anymore but "No data available"
  • Scope: User-assigned hotkeys did not work with some functions
  • Scope: If a hotkey was set to Import or Export, the label for the hotkey was missing
  • When HDMI output was enabled and no display connected, it wasn't possible to change the internal display brightness
  • Fixed minor bugs in automated bitrate scan function

2017-07-14 - Version 1.3.0


  • Revamped the trace section
    • It is now possible to set custom trace file names
    • Performance improvements for tracing, especially when using the binary trace format
    • Enhanced the compatibility to older ASCII trace file formats from PEAK-System
  • Revamped the playback section
    • Multiple information about the currently running playback like the current loop cycle and file index are now displayed
    • The playback progress in terms of time and messages transmitted is now displayed with progress bars. The bars are drawn green when the playback is running, yellow when paused, and red when stopped
    • A warning message is shown if a trace playback was paused due to bus errors
  • User defined bitrates are now permanently stored to the bitrates.ini of the project


  • The binary trace file format is now the default file format for tracing, because of its better performance
  • Moved the battery view from the Analog Measurements menu to the new Power Supply submenu in the Support section

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected the handling of CAN frames with 29-bit IDs
  • Corrected the presentation of file lists
  • Multiple issues concerning recording and playback of CAN traffic were solved with the revamp of the trace and playback sections
  • Minor bug fixes and changes of the user interface
  • Multiple issues concerning the charge level presentation were fixed

    Please note: If your PCAN-Diag FD shows an empty battery after the firmware update, use the function “Support > Power Supply > Reset Charge Level” and charge the device. It is necessary that the PCAN-Diag FD reaches the 100% level and stops charging automatically.

2017-05-19 - Version 1.2.36

First official release

Firmware updates prior to product release ...