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Plotter Add-in 2 Version History

2019-02-08 - Version 2.4.2 -
released with PCAN-Explorer 5.4.3

Bug fixes:

  • If signals were imported from a Tracer into the Plotter, a Runtime Error 216 (Access Violation) could occur when exiting PCAN-Explorer

2016-09-01 - Version 2.4.1 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.4.1

Bug fixes:

  • Enum strings were not displayed correctly on a Y-axis scale if a signal was based on a CAN variable with factor and/or offset.
  • Channel trace line styles other than "Solid" had no effect if a channel’s interpolation style was not "Straight Line".
  • Some labels were cut off in the Properties dialog box in the German translation.

2015-09-30 - Version 2.4.0 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.4.0


  • If a channel recorded a constant signal value represented as a horizontal line, executing the command "Zoom to Fit" had no effect

Bug fixes:

  • When importing signals from a tracer, the font color of newly created Y axes was not set correctly, if custom default settings were saved in the properties dialog box for some Y axes
  • If the cursor style was set to "Value Y (Scope Style)" and at the same time the option "Snap to Data-Point" was enabled, the cursor could not be moved properly
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • Channel interpolation style "Polynomic" was removed, since selecting this interpolation style caused application freezes

2013-12-09 - Version 2.3.1 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.3.3


  • CSV export options can now be customized in the Properties dialog box, on the Plotter -> Export tab

Bug fix:

  • Some labels were cut off in the "Select Signals to Import" dialog box in the German translation

2013-04-18 - Version 2.3.0 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.3.2

Bug fixes:

  • When a Plotter window was closed, sometimes a "Severe Error" occurred
  • New option to control the update frame rate of the Plotter. If signal values update very often because of high message rates, it could be necessary to limit the frame rate to reduce the CPU load

2012-09-06 - Version 2.2.2 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.3.0

Bug fix:

  • Resetting the plotter properties in the Properties dialog box could cause an access violation error

2012-03-30 - Version 2.2.1 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.2.1

Bug fixes:

  • Under Windows® XP, Not-a-Number floating point signal values (NaN) caused "Severe error" messages and application crashes
  • Unnecessary data cursor properties were saved to plotter files
  • If a plotter file was loaded that had visible data cursors, the Data Cursor button in the toolbar did not reflect the visible data cursor state

2012-01-26 - Version 2.2.0 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.2.0

  • Improvement: New possibility to export plot data to CSV files
  • Bug fix: The signal name display mode that was selected in the PCAN-Explorer options had no effect on how signal names were displayed in the plotter

2011-07-26 - Vesion 2.1.1 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.1.4

  • Improvement: Channels are no longer automatically renamed according to assigned signals when loading a Plotter file
  • Bug fix: The "Select Signals to Import" dialog box could be set behind the PCAN-Explorer main window, so that it seemed as if the application was not responding

2011-04-07 - Version 2.1.0 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.1.3


  • Object model: New method Channel.AddData to add own data points by macro or Add-in 
  • No automatic scaling of y-axes when adding or changing signals. The scaling of a y-axis can be stored as a default setting via the "Store as defaults" function 
  • New command "Zoom to fit Signal range" in the context menu of y-axes 
  • New command "Zoom to fit" in the context menu of the data view to zoom all axes in one step 
  • Enum values of signals are shown on y-axes 

Bug fix:

  •  When importing data from a Tracer, the Select Signals dialog box was sometimes shown behind the main application window on Windows 7 64-bit systems

2010-09-07 - Version 2.0.3 - released with PCAN-Explorer 5.1.0


  • The names of y-axes are now determined by the names of channels

Bug fixes:

  • Displaying the Trace Import dialog box could take a long time, if large trace files were found in the default Trace folder
  • Resetting the plotter settings did not work correctly

2009-10-26 - Version 2.0.2

Bug fixes:

  • If the color of a y-axis title font was changed and then a recording started, the plotter changed the title font color back to the channel color
  • Higher DPI settings caused display problems in the Properties dialog box

2009-09-16 - Version 2.0.1


  • The Trace Import dialog box now shows all the Trace files that are included in the current project in the Current Tracers list

Bug fixes:

  • Resetting the plotter settings did not delete the user’s custom settings file (defaults.dat) so that the next new plotter window again used the previous custom settings
  • Importing of trace files was very slow