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PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 Version History

PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 Screenshot Compilation

2019-08-30 - Version 2.7.0


  • Support of Truck FMS 04.00 and Bus-FMS 00.04
  • Improved receiving and validating of the VI (Vehicle Identification) and DI (Driver's Identification) transport protocol messages
  • Revision of the main menu, context menus, the Configuration window, and some further dialog windows
  • A new context menu command Cancel Full Screen was added to the Simulation and Monitor windows
  • The new menu commands "Cascade", "Tile Horizontal", and "Tile Vertically" were added to the main menu window
  • Floating point values are now displayed with the decimal separator set with the current system number format
  • The Exit toolbar command button was removed
  • Improved loading and appearance of the Telltale icons in the Simulation and Monitor windows
  • Improved set-up of Telltale in the Simulation window. For example multi-select and a context menu to change all Telltale states were added
  • In the Simulation window, the list of Telltales now shows the currently selected status of each Telltale
  • Added description texts to the Telltale preview in the Simulation window
  • In the Simulation window, all title labels of the sliders are now aligned horizontally
  • Improved representation of the CAN error status in the configuration at the Hardware input and output

Bug fixes:

  • It was possible that the PCAN Connection dialog didn't showing any devices or PCAN Net entries
  • "High Resolution Engine Total Fuel Used" was not saved correctly in the project file
  • On Windows 8 or 10 the menus were not display with the correct theme
  • In the Simulation window, the group width of "Wheel Based Speed" was corrected
  • The maximum values of the simulation data for "Wheel Based Speed" and "Tachograph Vehicle Speed" were corrected
  • The values of "Vehicle Weight" could not entered with the current system number format
  • The manually simulated value of "Vehicle ID" could only contain 199 instead of 200 ASCII characters
  • In the Settings dialog, the tabulator order was corrected
  • The Settings dialog could not be closed with the escape key or enter key
  • In the Options dialog, the size of the identifier column was by default too small

2015-11-25 - Version 2.6.1

  • Bug fix: Since version 2.6.0, the error states of signals can't be selected in the 'Signal Validity' window, because the selection lists were empty

2014-06-26 - Version 2.6.0


  • Support of Truck FMS 03.00 and Bus-FMS 00.03
  • All 15 axels can now be used for the Vehicle Weight during manual simulation
  • During manual simulation, all supported FMS signals can be configured with the complete signal range (minimum and maximum values)
  • By supporting the new FMS standards and the possibility of using of the full signal range, the Simulation window was partially restructured and adjusted (in the cockpit)
  • In the Simulation window, a preview box has been added under Telltale that displays the currently set status of the selected Telltales as an ISO 7000 graphic
  • In the License Information dialog, the serial number of the inserted dongle is now displayed
  • In the monitor, in addition to the new groups for the FMS 03 Standard, a new group "Cockpit Details" was added, in which the digital values for all analog displays from the cockpit are displayed with full signal range
  • The failure modes of Telltale signals in the monitor cockpit are now displayed
  • The dialog window for changing the axel details has been revised

Bug fixes:

  • During simultaneous simulation of both standards (Truck and Bus-FMS), the error state of the "Parking Brake Switch" signal in the PGN "CCVS" was written to the wrong place or set the signal "PTO State"
  • When saving projects, the states of signal errors defined in standards 2 or higher weren't always being saved. This was also the case when switching for example, from Truck-FMS 02.00 to Truck-FMS 01.00
  • When reading project files, the simulation values for "Total Engine Hours", or minutes and hours were reversed
  • Saving project files did not always work when repeated, consecutive saving was intended
  • If an error has occurred when saving project files, no error message was displayed
  • The hours of "Total Engine Hour" on the monitor was sometimes misrepresented by 1 h (rounding errors)
  • The signal values for "Selected Gear" and "Current Gear" regarding "Park" and "Neutral" was being sent incorrectly or being misrepresented
  • The "Engine Per. Load" value set in the simulation window (in the cockpit) was not being stored, or being restored when loading project files
  • When reading project files, the "Number of Axels" ("Vehicle Weight") value for the Simulation window was not being tested which could cause an error when viewing the Simulation window
  • When recording log files, the data format was not CSV-compatible if the values were written line by line (in-line format) and with the line number in the log file
  • Unused bits in the "FMS Tell Tale Status: FMS1" CAN messages were not transferred with "Not defined"
  • If the "Configurations" window was minimized, it could not be restored via the Window menu command
  • When starting the simulation at times, a window that was in the background, was brought to the foreground when "Standard" was active in the drop-down list
  • When a project file was loaded, then a new project with "File" -> "New" was created, the FMS standard was still on the standard of the previously loaded project, or was not set
  • When reading project files, the value "Ambient Air Temperature" was tested wrong (in the cockpit) for the Simulation window, and negative values were read incorrectly. The subsequent simulation of the data then stopped working sometimes
  • After loading project files, a non-included exception could be thrown if the project file in the output log file and / or trace file was active and a directory that did not exist on the local system was specified. In the log file the exception occurred at the start of the simulation directly. With the trace file, however, the simulation could be started, and the error only occurred when exiting

2013-04-18 - Version 2.5.1

Bug fixes:

  • After installation of version, the PCAN-FMS Simulator could not be started if a trial license was chosen and there was an installation without license before. The number of left days was then 0
  • If the PCAN-FMS Simulator had been installed with a trial license and another license was chosen in the program, an unhandled exception could occur during copying of the license file
  • Corrections in some notes in the "Select Existing License" dialog box
  • In the "Select Existing License" dialog box, if a new license file name was directly entered in the input field, the error message "You have to select the License File Location." was shown
  • In the "Select Existing License" dialog box, an unhandled exception could occur if a incompatible UNC path was selected, e.g. "\\servername"
  • Under Windows 8, the software protection dongle wasn't detected when being plugged in if it had not been connected at startup or if it had been disconnected during a running program
  • Under certain circumstances, the window "Please insert the Software Protection Dongle" was shown, although a dongle for the PCAN-FMS Simulator was connected. This especially occured if a PCAN-Explorer 5 instance ran with plugged in dongle
  • At startup it wasn't checked if the window position was out of the visible desktop bounds


  • Support for Windows 8

2012-08-01 - Version 2.5.0


  • The program can now be started in Tour Mode where data of several types is recorded, analyzed, and saved. The behavior of the Tour Mode is determined by command line parameters on startup of the PCAN-FMS Simulator. Thus, the program can be controlled from outside
  • The new PCAN-FMS Tour Starter is used to start and control the PCAN-FMS Simulator in Tour Mode. It is accessible via the Windows Start menu
  • New automatic update function with two commands in the Help menu: "Update options", "Check for updates"
  • New "Settings" dialog box (accessible via the "File" menu) for adjusting the output format of the log file and the Tour file, and for optimizing the processor load during simulation
  • New "Change Sections" dialog box (accessible via the context menu of the "Monitor" window) for adjusting the section colors of the analog instruments
  • PCAN-Trace files with format versions 1.2 and 1.3 can be loaded
  • Program help available in languages German and English (display depends on setting during installation). Help in the alternative language can be accessed via the Windows Start menu


  • Mandatory use of a USB copy protection dongle. Allows to install the PCAN-FMS Simulator on several computers. In order to unlock and use the software, you must plug the copy protection dongle into a free USB port
  • At first start of the program the size of the main window is set to 4/5 of the main screen size, and the window is centered

Bug fixes:

  • In the "Configuration" window's context menu, the "Loop playback" entry was not updated correctly when the menu command itself had been executed
  • In some situations, the dialog box for editing the axle weight was shown a second time after clicking on "OK" or "Cancel"
  • In the "Options" dialog box, the label of the "EEC1" message was wrong
  • On manual simulation of the Bus-FMS Standard 00.02, the messages of the PGNs "Vehicle ID" and "Driver ID" could overlap if a VID was defined with 200 characters. Now the "Driver ID" PGN is transmitted with an offset of 2 seconds
  • When the main window was in minimized state at quitting the program, at the next program startup the window was again in minimized state

2012-01-17 - Version 2.0.2

Bug fixes: 

  • When recording a trace file, the data was recorded circulatory and sorted incorrectly on saving the file. The data will now be recorded linearly until the data buffer is full 
  • In the Options dialog box, if messages were activated that are only present in FMS 02.00 and bus FMS 00.02 (e.g. DI and LFE), and the standard was only set to FMS 02.00, an error was always displayed at startup of the simulation that no messages are selected for simulation 
  • The "Vehicle Weight" PGN was not transmitted during manual simulation of FMS standard 02.00 
  • During manual simulation of the FMS standard 02.00, messages of PGNs "Vehicle ID" and "Driver ID" could overlap if a VID was defined with 200 characters. Now the "Driver ID" PGN is transmitted with an offset of 2 seconds to the start of the simulation. Thus the VID is transmitted 10 seconds and the DID 12 seconds after the start of the simulation and then every 10 seconds each 
  • If a manual simulation first was started with the standard "FMS 01.00" and then anotherone was started with the standard "FMS 2.00", the signal value "Engine Per. Load" in the "Simulation" window could be changed, but the value was not updated in the "EEC2" message and not displayed in the "Monitor" window. 0xFF was always transmitted and the value 125 was always displayed in the "Monitor" window 
  • The error conditions for the signals "Engine Percent Load", "Fuel Rate", "Instantaneous Fuel Economy", "High Resolution Engine Total Fuel Used", and "PTO Engaged" were not or not properly displayed in the "Monitor" window 
  • On manual simulation sometimes data from a previous simulation was used if a manual simulation had been once started and stopped before. This showed up especially at recording of trace files that afterwards had many messages at the beginning with the time stamp of 0 
  • On manual simulation the unused data bytes of all messages (except VI and DI) were not set to 0xFF. This only occurred at first transmission of the messages; afterwards the unused data bytes were transmitted correctly 
  • The relative directory paths of trace files were faulty after saving project files. Thus, at loading of those projects and with them the trace files an error occurred

2011-02-28 - Version 2.0.1

Bug fixes:

  • When a project file was opened with a double click in Windows Explorer, an exception occurred and the program was closed again. If the program was running as trial version, the trial dialog was previously displayed; after proceeding by starting the program (Try PCAN-FMS Simulator 2) an exception occured, too
  • In the Bus-FMS standard, the "Parking Brake Switch" signal was placed on the wrong bit position (bits 5-6) in the CAN message. Correct according to the specification however are bits 3-4
  • If a CAN connection was defined in the hardware input or hardware output and if it was not active (gray), an exception occured when running the command "Change Hardware"
  • If the simulation was started with hardware as input and no incoming data occured on the CAN bus, the program utilized a processor core 100 % until data was received or the simulation was terminated

2010-11-24 - Version 2.0.0

New features:

  • Completely revised user interface
  • Graphical representation of the FMS output data with ISO-7000-compliant symbolic display of signal values and optional full-screen function
  • Support of the standards FMS 02.00 and Bus-FMS 00.02
  • Enabling and disabling the different standards in the program; FMS and Bus-FMS can be used simultaneously
  • Expansion of the optional switchable automatic calculation of different signal values
  • Playback of custom areas from a trace file
  • Recording the data as a CSV log file, for example for further processing in Excel
  • Project file version 2.0 introduced; loading and saving the whole simulation environment in project files (upward and downward compatible with version 1 of the PCAN-FMS Simulator)