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PCAN-Gateway FD Software Version History

The software for the PCAN-Gateways products with and without CAN FD support share a common source. For this reason, both version histories are mostly very similar. This version history is for the product: IPEH-004012.

2021-10-06 - PCAN-Gateway FD Software Version 1.1.1

  • The CAN interface IRQ limits can be set in the .ini file now. This opens up an option to balance message latency vs. throughput and CPU load. For this, the parameters irq_time_limit and irq_count_limit were added. See the development documentation for more information
  • Due to the IRQ limit parameter, the configuration file format version was updated to 2.0.1

Website 3.2.0 & JSON Interface 1.5.0

  • Added the possibility to list unknown PCAN-Gateway devices after a broadcast scan
  • Updated some device icons of the broadcast scan
  • Updated the website documentation
  • New error codes for the incoming bit rate definition strings were added. The new codes handle missing parameters
  • Minor code optimizations

Bug Fixes

  • An error is returned if a data bit rate smaller than the nominal bit rate was defined. This caused the CAN channel to switch off before
  • When using CAN FD frames with CRC, wrong data was copied into the CRC field if less than 64 Byte of CAN data were sent
  • Fixed an issue with error codes. The error codes for the CAN clock and CAN FD enabled / disabled had the same value


2021-01-29 - PCAN-Gateway FD Software Version 1.0.0

  • Added support for the new PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR
  • Revision of the configuration file format
    • Format version was updated to 2.0.0
    • Version information is now written at the beginning of the general section
    • Added new parameters for CAN FD and other settings
    • Revision of the parameter names

Website Version 3.1.0

  • Network > CAN
    • Added the possibility to configure CAN FD interfaces along with custom CAN FD data bitrates
      • CAN FD bit rate and sample point are now display on Network > CAN in Normal mode
      • CAN FD bit rate, sample point, and register values are now display on Network > CAN in Expert mode
      • If CAN FD is used, the nominal and date bit rate are shown in each row of the listed CAN interfaces like 100 kbit/s / 10 Mbit/s
      • The CAN interface listing on Status, Network, and the Login page was updated to list the data bit rate as well, if CAN FD is used
    • Uses can now select from 3 options for configuring bit rates:
      • Selection from pre defined lists
      • Custom bit rates by setting the register values
      • Custom bit rates by setting the clock frequency and all register values at once with a single string. The string can be created comfortably with our Bit Rate Calculation Tool or with PCAN-View
    • The clock frequency can be selected from a pre defined list. With the new PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR, the clock is configurable. For the PCAN-Gateways without CAN FD support, the value is fixed to 24 MHz and indicated as an read only string
    • Bit rate selection on the website offers bit rate lists depending on the selected clock frequency. If JavaScript is off, all bit rates are listed as sub lists of the frequency. If JavaScript is on, this list is filtered to the current frequency selection
    • The sample points are now indicated in the info table as well
  • Add & Edit Route: If CAN FD is supported and enabled, the CAN Channel selection lists the data bit rate in addition
  • Device > Device Monitoring
    • On the PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR, the new page Device Monitoring is available in Expert mode:
    • Indication of several device status measurement values like temperatures, CPU load, uptime, and input voltage
    • Presentation of device status measurements over time in graphs
    • The time range of the graphs can be adjusted via an input from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Device > Software Updates
    • Installation of software updates alternately on two partitions. This makes it possible to reactivate the previous software installation after an update, either via the website or with the reset button
    • Added a new partition section for presenting information of the installed software versions to:
      • download the config files of available partitions
      • see the configured IP connection settings saved in the config files
      • activate and reboot partitions
    • The PCAN-Ethernet Gateway FD DR uses another file format for software updates
  • Secure website access over https
  • The user comments for CAN, Filters, and Routes are now filtered for line breaks. Those are removed since line breaks violate the *.ini configuration file format
  • Device > Configuration: Improved the import and parsing of configuration files
  • Updated the website documentation

JSON Interface Version 1.4.0

  • Added the possibility to configure CAN FD interfaces along with custom CAN FD data bit rates. Please note: Calls for CAN FD properties are not valid on non CAN FD devices
    • Added a new device property for JSON named "can_fd_support" to get the information if the device supports CAN FD or not
    • Added error codes and messages for setting the CAN FD parameters and data bit rates
    • Enhanced the JSON help for CAN concerning the CAN FD bit rate values and data bit rate
  • The clock frequency can be set via JSON
  • Standard bit rates now depend on the selected clock. The JSON documentation shows all bit rates available depending on the clock
  • The parameter manual_bitrate was renamed to br_def (bit rate definition). Enhanced the JSON interface to allow the old property name besides the new one
  • Added a third bitrate definition mode (br_def ) with the number 2. The value 0 is default. When using mode 2, the bit rate can be set with a single parameter string using the property br_def_string
  • Updated the JSON interface documentation