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PCAN-LIN Configuration Version History

2018-02-02 - Version 3.0.8


  • Raw data of messages sent and received within the advanced configuration panel are shown in the Message View now

2015-03-17 – Version 3.0.7

Bug fix:

  • The frame configuration information was wrong in profiles saved from the "Data Present in Module" tab (current configuration), when the device used had a firmware version less than 2.0

2013-06-03  – Version 3.0.6

Bug fix:

  • The editor window for CAN Filter (profile-editing) was displayed incorrectly on Windows XP

2013-02-06 – Version 3.0.5

Bug fix:

  • Profile-editing problem has been fixed. By setting the defaults values ​​for frames configuration, all other LIN settings were set also to their default values

2012-09-24 - Version 3.0.4


  • New menu-command to create a profile from the configuration contained on a connected module
  • New Html-Help
  • The user interface was improved

2011-05-31 – Version 3.0.3

  • Bug fix: A bug within the Windows library "User32.dll" avoid the start of the PCAN-LIN Configuration tool under Windows XP with Service Pack 2, when loading the library. More information about this bug can be found here: Link

2011-04-13 – Version 3.0.2

  • Bug fix: When sending profiles to old modules (1.X), the configuration "LIN Termination" was ignored if it was set to Master and the "LIN Master Status" was set to "disabled"

2011-04-08 – Version 3.0.1

  • Bug fix: The "Saving As" functionality for profiles was not working correctly

2011-03-23 – Version 3.0.0

  • Release of version 3 of the PCAN-LIN Configuration Tool