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PCAN-MicroMod Configuration Version History

2023-02-23 - Version 3.0.2

Bug fix:

  • An error occurred when loading a configuration file if a statistical value (Counter 0, Counter 1, Counter 2, or Counter 3) was defined as the first constant and if the 'Constant Values / Statistical Data' window was open


2023-01-16 - Version 3.0.1


  • The user interface has been completely redesigned
  • Improved internal communication of service data
  • The CAN transmission has been changed to using PCAN-Basic API
  • Improved error handling when loading and saving configuration files (*.mcf)
  • Added a new configuration file format 3.0 (*.mcfx)
  • When detecting modules, the first module found is selected by default
  • The Save As dialog window now uses the location of the currently open project
  • The Open dialog window now uses the last used path since the program start
  • Added support for the PCAN_LAN device

Bug fix:

  • When editing service properties, the value was not applied when using the Backspace or Delete key


  • Application is suitable for 64-bit Windows operating systems only

2022-12-19 - Version 2.5.9


  • The hardware icons have been updated
  • The timeout values have been adjusted and limited to the minimum values

Bug fixes:

  • With newer PCAN hardware like PCAN-USB Pro FD the connection hardware icon was wrong
  • The hardware names displayed on the Net Selection tab in the Options dialog box may not have been correct

Download Version 2.5.9

2020-05-27 - Version 2.5.8

  • Bug fix: A misleading error message was displayed when exporting to a Symbols file if a required PCAN-Explorer 5 library file was not registered correctly in the system

2016-10-31 - Version 2.5.7

  • Bug fix: Signed/unsigned setting in modules "Analog Input", "Analog Output", "Frequency Input", and "PWM + Frequency Output" was ignored during the export to Symbol File process

2013-11-01 - Version 2.5.6

  • Changed: To export CAN message definitions to a Symbol file an installation of PCAN-Explorer 5 is now required