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PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit

Complete Evaluation Board, incl. PCAN-MicroMod and CAN Interface

PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit
IPEH-002079 € 320,00

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The plug-in module PCAN-MicroMod represents a straightforward possibility to provide electronic circuits with I/O functionality and a CAN connection. Configuring is done with a Windows® program which sends the configuration data to the module via CAN. Several modules can be configured independently on a CAN bus.

With various PCAN-MicroMod motherboards, it can be used in device and plant engineering and in the motor vehicle industry. An optional evaluation board simplifies the enhancement and development of custom boards.


The configuration requires a PEAK CAN interface.

  • Open-collector output driver for digital outputs and CMOS PWM outputs
  • Pickoffs and screw terminals for inputs and outputs
  • Switches for status modification of the digital inputs
  • Protected digital inputs + LED
  • 4 potentiometers for analog inputs
  • Low-pass and resistive divider for voltages > 5 V
  • Serial interface for firmware updates
  • Optional Low-speed CAN transceiver
  • Operating temperature range from 0 to 85 °C (32 to 185 °F)
  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 mm
  • PCAN-MicroMod
  • PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Board
  • Power supply unit
  • 2 m CAN cable with termination
  • PCAN-MicroMod Configuration for Windows® Details ...
  • Manual and schematic in PDF format


  • The configuration requires a PEAK CAN interface

PCAN-MicroMod package


Package for PCAN-MicroMod, PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation board, and the PCAN-MicroMod motherboards. The package includes the configuration software PCAN-MicroMod Configuration for Windows®, the latest PCAN-MicroMod and the CANopen® firmware, all files for development, and documentation (German and English).

PCAN-MicroMod Evaluation Kit manual

German English

PCAN-MicroMod CANopen® firmware manual


PCAN-MicroMod Configuration


Configuration software for PCAN-MicroMod products for Windows®

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