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PCAN-MiniDiag FD - Firmware version history

2019-05-13 - Version 1.4.10

This log includes all changes of prior firmware versions releases since the last release. The firmware update is described in the latest PCAN-MiniDiag FD manual. Please note for devices that were calibrated with a firmware version older than 1.4.7: The calibration data is set to a predefined value. The measuring accuracy is improved nevertheless.


  • Added the CAN differential voltage to the CAN Voltages device function
  • Added a new device function to show maximum, minimum, and average values of the differential voltages of the dominant and recessive levels
  • Reworked the text coloring. Added a color scheme for evaluation of bus load, termination, and error counter measurement values

Bug fixes

  • Improvement of automatic bit rate detection
  • If the bitrate was set manually, in some cases the CAN controller was initialized with the wrong bit rate
  • If the bitrate was set manually, in some cases the initially selected bitrate was not one which was currently set
  • After a successful bit rate detection sometimes the new bit rate was not displayed. Instead the initial text "Press * to set or <Enter> to detect the bit rate" was shown and the CAN controller was not initialized with the detected bit rate
  • It was possible that the ADC-mutex could cause a system shutdown
  • In some cases when the bit rate was set manually to non-iso mode, the CAN controller was initialized in iso-mode
  • In some cases the automatic bit rate detection failed for bit rates smaller than ~52kbit/s
  • Optimization of CAN voltage measurement

2019-01-29 - Version 1.4.0

First official release

Firmware updates prior to product release ...