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PCAN-MiniDisplay - Firmware Version History

2020-04-30 - Version 1.4.2


  • Added support for digital output in scenes
  • New parameter "keep previous value" added for digital output in scenes

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2019-11-21 - Version 1.4.0


  • Trace Messages: If nothing is selected to be traced, a warning shows "No trace data selected."

Bug fixes:

  • Trace Messages: If nothing was selected to be traced, the help file was not displayed

2019-10-08 - Version 1.3.12


  • Instruments: Added the keyword "protect=1" for section [global]. A compressed instrument is encrypted and does not run on another device

Bug fixes:

  • Data records of error frames were sometimes incorrect and did no contain the correct bus number
  • Data records of error-frames did not have the correct DLC (set to 4)
  • In case of a Bus-Off during transmission of tx-lists in a scene the bus was not set back to Bus-On again

2019-10-01 - Version 1.3.11


  • Added the trace modes multi file and single session. This allows continuous logging onto the SD card

2019-09-02 - Version 1.3.10


  • Added differnt logger operation modes: single file, multi file linear, and multi file circular

2019-08-27 - Version 1.3.9

Bug fixes:

  • Timestamps are only 32 bit, in case the logger splits the data into several files it was not possible to create the correct timestamp per file
  • The header of each log file now contains a 64 bit timestamp. An update of the PEAK-Converter tool is required to make use of the 64 bit timestamps

2019-03-25 - Version 1.3.8 / 1.3.7


  • Enums are now supported in instruments
  • The format-strimg for labels can be omitted if only a simple number should be displayed (e,g, "%d", "%u", "%f" ). The format-string is automatically selected based on the datatype of the variable (unsigned, signed, float, string, enum)
  • The format-string can be used for more complex outputs, e.g. "%03d °C", "%5.2f mV" etc.
  • The plotter can scroll the x-axis. For this, define scroll_x=[0|1]

2019-01-07 - Version 1.3.6

Bug fixes:

  • In case of a multiplexed messages, the wrong variable was used as a multiplexer. Therefore the multiplexed variables were not updated correctly

2018-09-10 - Version 1.3.5


  • Instruments: No text output while a compressed instrument is loaded
  • Instruments: The display brightness can be adjusted via CAN. For this, define the variable "dev_brightness" with type unsigned and the value range is 0 to 100. If a scene makes use of this, brightness is set to minimum at startup of the scene
  • Instruments: The buzzer can be activated via CAN. For this, define the variable "dev_buzzer" with type unsigned. Value range is 0 (off) and 1-14 for different predefined sounds
  • Instruments: The keys enter, up, and down can be addressed via CAN. For this, define the variable "dev_keys" with type unsigned and the values 1=Enter, 2=KeyUp, and 3=KeyDown

2018-08-20 - Version 1.3.4

Bug fixes:

  • Correction in parsing of *.ins files
  • Scenes did not schow ° when using newer modules with TFT display

2018-06-21 - Version 1.3.3

Bug fixes:

  • Plotter could not display signed data correctly

2018-05-24 - Version 1.3.2

  • Bug fix: Tracer settings (type of trace) were not stored correctly, therfore automatic trace start after power-on did not capture the desired data.

2017-12-07 - Version 1.3.1

  • Added a new option to the device settings to swap the display orientation (0°/180°)
  • Added a new feature: Scenes can now transmit CAN frame sequences. For this there are 3 types of transmit lists: init list, cyclic list, and exit list

2017-07-28 - Version 1.2.3

  • The transparency parameter of instruments can now be set to 2 which enables a recalculation of overlapping transparent instruments

2017-06-17 - Version 1.2.1

  • Several changes in Device Settings due to the new hardware version and to increase the readability

Important note:

Older PCAN MiniDisplays without casing (IPEH-002262, before serial number 150) and casing (IPEH-002262-KSM01, before serial number 12215) must be updated to the firmware 1.1.7 before they can be updated to firmware 1.2.1 or higher.

2017-06-19 - Version 1.1.7


  • In addition to decimal, the parameter muxvalue of instruments can be defined in hexadecimal
  • Added a new tracer option to set a shutdown time (Tracer timeout) in case no error/data is received for this time
  • Added display dimming with timeout

Bug fixes:

  • Bitrate detection was not working correctly since version 1.1.3
  • The playing back traces with channel 2 was not working
  • Fixed reset of CAN channel 2

2016-11-04 - Version 1.1.5


  • Added logging and playback support
  • The log file size can be selected by user now
  • The information to be logged can be chosen by the user (error, data, or error and data)
  • New for instrument panels: Possibility to use multiplexed CAN signals
  • New for instrument panels: if a signal of a label has a timeout, a special timeout string can be displayed

2015-06-22 - Version 1.1.2


  • Added help files
  • When an instrument file is quit, the system returns to the Instrument Selection menu instead of the Main menu

Bug fixes:

  • Displaying Bitmaps did not work since version 1.1.0
  • The plotter draws one horizontal line out of its range

2015-05-28 - Version 1.1.0

Bug fixes:

  • Depending on the memory card type, access to the memory card might fail
  • The CAN filter could be set incorrectly after enter/exit the Device Settings menu
  • Shutdown did not always work

Firmware updates prior to product release ...