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PCAN Nets Configuration Version History

2022-12-15 - Version 5.0.3


  • Internal code optimizations

2022-09-08 - Version 5.0.2


  • A warning is shown on the Binding page of the Edit Net dialog box if the Device ID that is to be used for the binding is currently assigned to more than one CAN interface

2022-04-12 - Version 5.0.1


  • Setting the operation mode of a net to SJA1000 did not work if the net was created for a non-SJA1000 hardware
  • When the UI style was changed and some nets had already been modified, the nets in the tree were no longer indicated as having been modified
  • Fixed some other minor user interface issues

2022-02-21 - Version 5.0.0


  • Available as 32-bit and 64-bit executable
  • Support for High-DPI displays
  • Uses SVG vector graphics instead of bitmap graphics
  • No longer depends on PCAN-API DLLs
  • New user interface styles like in PCAN-View 5: new dark style and improved light style, former 'dark' style renamed to 'Modern'
  • New preset selection for CAN FD bit rates
  • Improved bit rate selection with the possibility to freely enter bit rate and sample point, and to select from a list of compatible parameter values to get to the desired bit timing

2021-05-11 - Version 4.3.3


  • If the channel number of a binding had been changed and the configuration saved, the selected Net could suddenly disappear from view since its parent had changed. Now, the new parent of the Net is expanded to bring the Net back into view and the selection state is restored

Bug fixes:

  • The settings on the RP1210 and Binding tabs in the Net Properties dialog box were reverted to default values if the tabs in the dialog were not shown at least once while editing a Net
  • If the net name entered in the Net Properties dialog box was somehow invalid (already in use or other cause) and a different tab was active while pressing OK, an error message 'Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window' was triggered

2020-09-30 - Version 4.3.2


  • LAN nets can be bound to a Device ID
  • The Device ID and Channel number fields in the Edit Net dialog box were filled with the values from the parent hardware only if an existing net was edited, but not if a new net was created

Bug fixes:

  • Selecting a net as RP1210-A net and assigning channel 0 was not working since version 4.3.1


  • Device ID tab in Edit Net dialog box renamed to 'Binding'

2020-04-30 - Version 4.3.1


  • Renamed "Device Number" to "Device ID" to use the same term across all PCAN tools
  • Some other minor improvements and optimizations

2019-06-06 - Version 4.3.0


  • Navigation with arrow keys in tree improved

Bug fixes:

  • If more than 32 nets were added to a single hardware channel, Access Violation errors occurred and the application window was no longer painted correctly
  • Nets that had an ampersand in its names were not displayed correctly in the list

2018-12-19 - Version 4.2.0


  • New possibility to configure the CAN FD ISO mode for nets. Requires PCAN driver v4.1.4 or newer

Bug fixes:

  • The PCI device shown in the info text for PCAN-PCI cards was always 0
  • The error message 'Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window' was displayed if a default bit rate was selected in the Bit Rate Manager dialog box that had parameters which were not within the valid range
  • If the Data Bit Rate checkbox in the Edit Net dialog box was left unchecked for a CAN FD net, a separate data bit rate was defined for the net nevertheless

2017-09-15 - Version 4.1.4


  • Small user interface improvements

2017-05-22 - Version 4.1.3


  • New column 'Binding' can be shown in the list to display hardware handles or device numbers to which the nets are assigned
  • Fixed Windows 10 compatibiltiy issue: after upgrading Windows 10 to a new version it was sometimes no longer possible to create or edit PCAN nets

2017-04-07 - Version 4.1.2


  • Separate CAN FD check box in net properties dialog box to enable CAN FD independently from the data bit rate
  • The bit rate of a PCAN-LAN net is no longer selectable. The bit rate of a PCAN-LAN net is determined by the remote PCAN-Gateway configuration
  • New Refresh menu and toolbar command

Bug fixes:

  • Some keyboard shortcuts were not displayed in the menu
  • Internal PCAN-LAN nets could not be moved to a hardware with drag-and-drop

2016-07-29 - Version 4.1.1

  • Bug fixes and improvements

2016-05-19 - Version 4.1.0


  • The RP1210 tab page in the Net Properties dialog box is always displayed when the RP1210A API is installed, regardless of whether the RP1210 license has expired or not
  • SHA-256 code signature

Bug fixes:

  • Some minor bug fixes

2015-10-15 - Version 4.0.9

  • Improvement: A hint message is shown on the RP1210 tab page in the Net Properties dialog box, if a net is defined as a CAN FD net, which cannot be used for RP1210A

2015-09-29 - Version 4.0.8

  • Improvement: New icons in application menu for language selection and user interface style