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PCAN-OBD-2 API Version History

This is the version history of the PCAN-OBD-2 API for Windows®. All improvements, bug fixes, and changes of the published API versions are listed.

PCAN-OBD-2 is an API for the vehicle diagnostics according to the OBD-2 standard (ISO 15765-4). See the product page for more information.

2023-10-05 - Version 1.2.1


  • General code enhancements


  • PCAN-OBDII.h header file adjusted to be compatible with the C programming language

2023-03-24 - Version 1.2.0


  • Added support for ARM64
  • General code enhancements


  • Unused and outdated references removed from the sample project

2019-07-09 - Version 1.1.2


  • The configuration of the underlying certificate checking was changed to avoid delays at initialization time due to certificate revoke-search online

2016-04-22 - Version 1.1.1

Bug fixes:

  • Initializing an OBD-2 channel now configures the underlying PCAN-ISO-TP to use OBD-2 network timeouts (ISO-TP N_As, N_Ar, etc.)

2015-09-01 - Version 1.1.0


  • PCAN-OBDII Header files edited to support PCAN-Basic 4.x

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed missing definitions in header files

2015-08-13 - Version 1.0.1


  • General updates due to ISO-TP changes

2014-11-14 - Version 1.0.0

  • First Release