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PCAN-Router Pro - Firmware Version History

2020-03-13 - Version 1.15.1

  • If a message gateway triggered a function block which contained a conditional statement, this condition was always true
  • Improvement: A message gateway did trigger a function block only when mode was set to "message trigger". Now the trigger is also valid if the mode is set to "direct copy"

PEAK-Flash tool with embedded firmware file

2019-11-19 - Version 1.15.0

Bug fixes:

  • Clear CF-card did not work correctly when is was done using a "default value" (at startup of the module) and the card was already full

2018-06-08 - Version 1.14.4


  • Added "MaxSectorsToWrite" variable for CF trace

Bug fixes:

  • The internal hashkey calculation from CAN ID lead to an index outside of the corresponding data array. This could cause problems with the memory or processor crashes
  • Routing tables were not processed correctly        
  • Fixed CAN_SetTransceiverMode() for HS8_GE. Listen-only was not possible

2015-06-01 - Version 1.14


  • Number of transmit messages increased from 120 to 350
  • Number of data objects increased from 257 to 1272

Bug fix:

  • Number of data objects that were saved to EEPROM was limited to 127

2015-03-31 - Version 1.13

New features:

  • Multiplexer option for CAN variables added
  • Scale/Offset calculation order can be swapped for transmit messages (make it compatible to PCAN-Explorer behavior)

2014-10-10 - Version 1.12

  • Adjusted the Timing parameter for XMORE-CF-Cards

Bug fixes:

  • Timeout of Selfhold signal freezed the Router Pro
  • Fixed a problem with the Sleep-mode of the TH8056 transceiver (Single-wire)
  • Concerning "Routing x to y, ex..." CAN-IDs are now limited to 2047. It was possible to enter higher values but this leads to a system freeze
  • Trace Clear was deactivated completely

2013-04-03 - Version 1.9

Improved device resources: 

  • Receive messages quantity set from 50 to 120
  • Transmit messages quantity set from 50 to 120
  • Gateway messages quantity set from 50 to 120
  • Defaults quantity set from 50 to 500
  • Characteristic Curves quantity set from 10 to 20              

Bug fixes:

  • Enhanced error management concerning the CF card interaction
  • Trace Clear is now inactive by default 
  • Logging Error Frames is now inactive by default
  • Improved error management when the resources are exhausted

Please note: This version also includes the changes of revision 1.8.

2011-12-07 - Version 1.7

New configuration features:

  • Logging of error frames is now switchable for each CAN channel
  • Suppression of the configuration ID 7E7h is now switchable for each CAN channel

Bug Fix:

  • Function block "hysteresis" now has a parameter "start mode"

Attention: Both features require an update of the PPCAN-Editor hardware profile. This profile is delivered with the PPCAN-Editor from version 2.0.4

2011-10-11 - Version 1.6


  • Logging of CAN error frames. Attention: This feature requires a PEAK-Converter (PCAN-Trace Converter) from version 1.9.0
  • Number of logging sessions is no longer limited to 16. Attention: This feature requires a PEAK-Converter (PCAN-Trace Converter) from version 1.9.0

Bug fix:

  • Warning when exceeding hardware's resource limits. Attention: this feature requires a PPCAN-Editor 2 from version 2.0.3

2011-05-19 - Version 1.5

  • Bug fix: Erroneous configuration may permanently block the device
  • Added: "Route X to Y, all" can now be switched during runtime
  • Changed device's resources: 
    • Characteristic Curves quantity set from  2 to 10 
    • Function Blocks quantity set from 50 to 120

2010-10-18 - Version 1.4

  • Bug fix: Code incomplete for CAN channel 5 (CF card) (incl. extension of PEAK-Converter to 16 channels)
  • Bug fix: Error when writing to EEPROM beyond 64 MB
  • Changed device's resources:
    • Receive messages quantity set from 35 to 50
    • Transmit messages quantity set from 35 to 50
    • Limits set from 10 to 5
    • Strings set from 5 to 2

2010-06-10 - Version 1.3

  • Added listen-only mode

2010-04-20 - Version 1.2

  • Various bug fixes
  • First official release

2010-03-25 - Version 1.1

  • Added new functions: real-time clock, beeper, and TJA1041 support

Version 1.0          

  • Prototype release