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PCAN Status Display Version History

2020-04-30 - Version 4.1.6


  • Shows the Device ID of FPGA-based PCI hardware if PCI driver version is 4.2.0 or newer

2019-06-06 - Version 4.1.5

Bug fixes:

  • Small graphical improvements

2017-06-19 - Version 4.1.4

Bug fixes:

  • Small bug fixes and improvements

2017-06-19 - Version 4.1.3

Bug fixes:

  • When no PCAN devices were found, the error message displayed was difficult to read due to a wrong font color

2017-04-07 - Version 4.1.2


  • New Settings toolbar button
  • The visual representation of the individual elements has been slighly reworked

Bug fixes:

  • When a client was removed and a new one quickly registered with the same handle, the client could continue to display the old client name


  • The Net display element indicates a bit rate only if the net is not connected to a hardware

2016-12-02 - Version 4.1.1

  • Bug fixes: Enabling of Error Frames was possible for PCAN-LAN clients, although Error Frames are not yet supported by the Virtual PCAN-Gateway system

2016-01-28 - Version 4.1.0

  • Improvements: Some minor improvements in the user interface
  • Bug fixes: Changing the Listen-only option for PCAN-LAN hardware was allowed in the user interface even though it had no effect on remote PCAN-Gateways

2015-10-19 - Version 4.0.8

  • Improvement: Device tabs can now be changed with the keyboard shortcuts CTRL+TAB and SHIFT+CTRL-TAB

2015-09-29 - Version 4.0.7

  • Improvement: New icons in context menu for language selection and user interface style