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PCAN-UDS API Version History

2021-01-25 Version 2.1.0


  • New UDS_MsgCopy_2013 function added to copy a uds_msg structure
  • New UDS_MsgMove_2013 function added to move a uds_msg structure into another uds_msg structure
  • New attribute added, can_tx_dlc, to the uds_msgconfig structure
  • New enumeration added, uds_errstatus, to store UDS error codes
  • New parameter added, PUDS_PARAMETER_RESET_HARD, to perform a hard reset (and keep settings and mappings)
  • New status value added, PUDS_STATUS_HANDLE_INVALID, to handle invalid cantp_handle error
  • New Examples 08/09/10 for C#/VB/C++_CLR/Delphi added
  • Examples reviewed:
    • Add missing uds_msg initialisations (fill structure with zero)
    • Example 05_server_simulator: remove useless uds_msg structure zero filling after UDS_MsgFree_2013
    • Examples 06_client_all_request: replace invalid RequestUpload sizes parameters
    • Examples 7 and 8 reviewed: remove useless mapping 'uid' initialization
    • Documentation of samples reviewed
  • Check potential PUDS_STATUS_SERVICE_ALREADY_PENDING error on pending postive responses and extended timing negative responses
  • Documentation updated

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed UDS_RemoveMapping_2013 return code, if the mapping is not a valid mapping, the function retrurns PUDS_STATUS_MAPPING_INVALID
  • Fixed WaitForServiceFunctional_2013 prototype in Pascal header (do not pass max_msg_count as a reference)
  • Fixed UDS_SvcDynamicallyDefineDataIdentifierDBMA_2013, UDS_SvcWriteMemoryByAddress_2013, UDS_SvcRequestDownload_2013 and UDS_SvcRequestUpload_2013: Check that addressAndLengthFormatIdentifier parameters are valid
  • File description of the 64-bit version of the library corrected. It was showing '32-bit' instead of '64-bit'


  • Changed backward compatibility UDS_Write function: the no response flag is now automaticaly corrected in message data if needed
  • Automaticaly remove no response flag in UDS_Svc*_2013 if the service does not have a subfunction
  • Changed UDS_WaitForService_2013 and UDS_WaitForServiceFunctional_2013: confirmation message buffer is now mandatory
  • Changed UDS_WaitForServiceFunctional_2013/WaitForServiceFunctional_2013 arguments order
  • Changed UDS_WaitForServiceFunctional_2013: functional UUDT request are allowed
  • Changed message structure checks: prevent user to reuse an already allocated buffer (PUDS_STATUS_MESSAGE_BUFFER_ALREADY_USED error)


2020-12-03 - Version 2.0.0


  • New interface ISO 14229 with CAN-FD support, revision 2013
  • Fully binary compatible with applications using PCAN-UDS.dll, version 1.x
  • Backward compatibility support for projects based on ISO 14229, revision 2006 (PCAN-UDS.dll, version 1.x)
  • General code enhancements

2019-11-22 - Version 1.3.4


  • New sample project in C#
  • Automatic correction of server address: When setting the server address, the value is now automatically corrected to fit into a byte (except if address is specified as enhanced)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed different issues caused by frames with non-default priority
    • Fixed issue when receiving a 29-bit ISO-TP frame with non-default priority
    • Fixed issue when waiting for a service with a 29-bit UDS message with non-default priority
    • Fixed issue with an internal check for CAN-TP confirmation with non-default priority 29-bit message
  • Structure alignment information was missing within the header files

2019-06-27 - Version 1.3.3


  • Certificate checking of the libraries improved. In some special environments the initialization process of a channel could last about 20 seconds

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problems with Endianness conversions
  • The following missing RDTCI definitions have been added which are now supported by the UDS_SvcReadDTCInformationNoParam function:

2019-05-24 - Version 1.3.2


  • New function 'CheckResponse' in TPUDSMsg (C#, VB.NET, and C++/CLR) for checking UDS service responses for validity, supersedes 'IsPositiveResponse'
  • The function 'IsPositiveResponse' of TPUDSMsg has been marked as obsolete/deprecated
  • New enumeration TPUDSServiceResult (C#, VB.NET, and C++/CLR), representing result values of UDS services
  • Added support for UUDT message writing with new protocol: PUDS_PROTOCOL_NONE
  • General code enhancements
  • The documentation was updated

2018-03-05 - Version 1.3.1


  • Added parameters PUDS_PARAM_MAPPING_ADD and PUDS_PARAM_MAPPING_REMOVE to configure non-standard UDS messages
  • Added support for UUDT response with new PUDS message type: PUDS_MESSAGE_TYPE_CONFIRM_UUDT

Bug fixes:

  • Wrong signature of the function 'SvcWriteMemoryByAddress' in the Pascal header file PUDS.pas corrected

2017-02-03 - Version 1.3.0


  • Added support for new ISO-TP message type PCANTP_MESSAGE_INDICATION_TX
  • Added PUDS_MESSAGE_INDICATION_TX to TPUDSMessageType to distinguish incoming and outgoing start of message

2016-04-22 - Version 1.2.1


  • Added parameter PUDS_PARAM_PADDING_VALUE to set value for CAN Data Padding
  • Updated to support new PCAN channels (PCAN-Basic 4.x)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed timeout deadlock when calling PUDS_Uninitialize with value PUDS_NONEBUS

2015-09-01 - Version 1.2.0

  • Improvement: PCAN-UDS Header files edited to support PCAN-Basic 4.x
  • Bug fix: C++ header file was edited: default value for parameters in "UDS_Initialize" are now C-compatible

2015-08-13 - Version 1.1.0


  • General updates due to ISO-TP changes
  • General performance improved

2014-11-14 - Version 1.0.0

  • First Release