PCI-Express-PCIe/104 Adapter
Test Interfaces for PCIe/104 Cards

PCI-Express-PCIe/104 Adapter
IPEH-003033 € 140,00

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This adapter can be used to fit and operate PCI/104-Express cards in PCs with PCI Express slots. Multiple cards can be stacked together on a single adapter.

The adapter has its own internal voltage controller which generates the 5-Volt supply for the PCI/104-Express card from the 12 Volts from the PC PCI Express slot. As an option, the 5-Volt supply can be connected directly via the HD connection. All supply voltages are visualized by LEDs and can be separated with jumpers in order to do current measurement.

Technical Specifications

  • 4-layer board with gold-plated PCIe contacts
  • Internal 5-Volt voltage regulator
  • Molex PC HD connector for external 5-Volt supply
  • LED power supply indication
  • Jumpers to do current measurement for the supply voltages (3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V)

Scope of supply

  • PCI-Express-PCIe/104 Adapter


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