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PEAK Hardware Control Panel Applet Version History

Since version 4, the PEAK Hardware Control Panel Applet is a part of our driver setup. It lists available hardware, installed drivers, and APIs. Device IDs and non plug & play hardware can be configured with this tool. After installation you can invoke it via the Windows Control Panel or by entering "PEAKCPL" in the Windows search bar.

Note: As of driver setup version 4.3.0, the PEAK Hardware Control Panel Applet is no longer included. It has been replaced by "PEAK Settings" (see separate version history).

2020-09-30 - Version 4.4.1

Bug fixes:

  • If only the PLIN device driver was installed and loaded but the PLinApi.dll was not installed, selecting the Plin_usb.sys device driver entry on the Drivers tab triggered an Access Violation error

2020-07-20 - Version 4.4.0


  • RP1210 page: Supports binding of RP1210-C devices to Device IDs if the installed RP1210-C API DLL is version 3.0 or newer
  • The Device ID of LAN devices can be set on the CAN Hardware page
  • Shows a better error message when the user tries to set the Device ID of an FPGA-based hardware that is currently in use, which is forbidden in PCAN device drivers v4.2.1 and newer

Bug fixes:

  • The LIN Device Manager version on the LIN tab could not be determined since version 4.3.1

2020-04-30 - Version 4.3.1

Bug fixes:

  • If the Device ID of a hardware was changed from outside of the PEAK-Hardware Control Panel and the CAN Hardware tab was not the active tab, the software did not recognize the change of the Device ID and kept showing the previous value
  • The permitted range of Device IDs for PCAN-ExpressCard and PCAN-ExpressCard 34 was incorrectly indicated as 0-FFFFFFFFh, but it is only 0-FFh

2019-08-01 - Version 4.3.0


  • New PCAN-Basic API tab page that allows to reset orphaned PCAN-Basic channels

2018-12-19 - Version 4.2.2


  • LIN driver version information is now shown on the Drivers page if the LIN driver is selected. Previously, the text 'Not available' was displayed
  • If a multi-channel PCAN hardware has different firmware versions for individual channels, e.g. in a PCAN-USB X6, all detected firmware versions are shown in the Firmware column on the CAN Hardware page
  • The hardware serial number is now shown on the CAN Hardware page for PCAN-USB X6 hardware
  • Some minor improvements

2018-01-12 - Version 4.2.1


  • Small improvement for the LIN Manager version information display on the LIN tab

Bug fixes:

  • The application crashed if the online help was opened and then the application was terminated by clicking the close icon in the task bar preview window

2017-09-14 - Version 4.2.0


  • Added API DLL entries for OBD-2, ISO-TP, UDS, and PassThru API on "APIs" tab page

Bug fixes:

  • Storing the "Active Device" selection in the Windows Registry failed in rare cases

2016-05-10 - Version 4.1.1

  • Bug fix: It was not possible to change the Device ID of a PCAN-USB X6 adapter

2016-02-16 - Version 4.1.0


  • Added support for the upcoming PCAN-USB X6
  • SHA-256 code signature

2015-10-05 - Version 4.0.4

  • Bug fix: On 64-bit systems the APIs tab listed the RP1210A 32-bit DLL twice instead of separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions

2015-09-23 - Version 4.0.3

  • Improvement: New tab page "APIs", which shows a summary of installed PEAK API Dlls (32/64-bit)

2015-06-18 - Version 4.0.1

  • Change: LIN hardware IDs are now displayed in hexadecimal format

2015-05-21 - Version 4.0.0


  • Better recognition of installed drivers
  • Requires no separate CAN-API DLL