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PEAK-Settings Version History

Since PEAK-System driver setup version, the software "PEAK-Settings" replaces the previous "PEAK Hardware Control Panel Applet". The software lists available hardware, installed drivers, and APIs. It also provides configuration options for plug & play hardware and APIs like setting the device ID.

2023-10-04 - Version 1.2.0


  • The startup performance has been improved

Bug fixes:

  • On the CAN Hardware page the warning “The driver is not loaded” for the selected device was never reset, even if the driver was later loaded successfully

2023-07-12 - Version 1.1.4


  • The application now correctly reacts to the “Make text bigger” option in the accessibility settings in Windows

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where all PCAN clients were shown as PCAN-Basic clients if the PCAN-Basic page was visible
  • Fixed some minor user interface bugs

2023-03-06 - Version 1.1.3


  • The serial number of USB X6 devices is now shown
  • Reduced automatic refresh interval on Drivers page

Bug fixes:

  • Some minor bug fixes in the user interface

2022-12-16 - Version 1.1.2


  • Internal optimizations

2022-12-07 - Version 1.1.1


  • Some Windows® 11 related user interface optimizations

Bug fixes:

  • PCAN-ExpressCard 34 devices were shown to have Device IDs with a value up to 0xFFFFFFFF, but they only support Device IDs up to 0xFF

2022-10-24 - Version 1.1.0


  • Available as ARM64 application
  • PCAN-PassThru libraries are shown on the API page
  • Shows a warning message when the same Device ID is given to multiple devices of the same type (USB, PCI, LAN)
  • Shows a message when an error occurs while adding or removing an RP1210C device

Bug fixes:

  • Revision number of LIN device firmware was always shown as 0
  • When the LIN device manager was changed while PEAK-Settings was running, the new version of the device manager would not be shown
  • When one of the detected LIN devices could not be identified correctly, no LIN devices would be shown
  • On Windows 11 the application would lag significantly when it was moved on the screen
  • Localization and other minor improvements


  • Depends on installation of .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0

2022-08-31 - Version 1.0.4


  • A warning will be shown when a CAN hardware is given a Device ID that is already being used by another hardware of the same type (USB, PCI, LAN)
  • A warning is shown for CAN hardware that have identical Device IDs

Bug fixes:

  • Errors encountered when adding or removing a device on the RP1210C page were silently discarded
  • The revision of LIN device firmware was always shown as 0
  • When the LIN device manager was changed while PEAK-Settings was running, the version of the device manager shown in the application would not update
  • When a detected LIN hardware could not be identified correctly, due to an error while querying its parameters, no LIN hardware at all would be shown on the LIN page

2022-02-22 - Version 1.0.3

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed minor UI bugs

2022-02-01 - Version 1.0.2

Bug fixes:

  • Plugged USB hardware was not correctly listed on the CAN Hardware page

2022-01-26 - Version 1.0.1


  • Added device (slot) info to PCI devices shown on the CAN Hardware page
  • RP1210C: Invalid entries in the .ini file are now shown (as invalid entries)
  • RP1210C: When a device is registered but not connected to the PC, a warning is shown on the entry

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where each channel of a PCAN Gateway would show up as an individual hardware
  • Fixed bugs with the RP1210 and PassThru log paths (opening the dialog to change the path would show the directory of the user, but choosing this directory would not be registered if no change in the dialog was made)
  • Fixed bug where the application would not register changes in availability of channels of PCAN-Gateways
  • Some minor user interface bug fixes

2021-12-14 - Version 1.0.0

  • First official release