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PLIN-API Version History

2020-12-03 - Version 2.8.0


  • Added new client parameters clpLogStatus and clpLogConfiguration for the functions LIN_SetClientParam and LIN_SetGetParam, to set up the new logging functionality
  • Like the PCAN-Basic API, the new logging function can also be activated via the Windows Registry
  • Added new hardware parameters hwpScheduleActive, hwpScheduleState and hwpScheduleSuspendedSlot for the function LIN_GetHardwareParam
  • The error codes relating to the schedule table functions have been revised

Bug fixes:

  • The LIN_RegisterClient function did not recognize the maximum number of clients and always returned a handle 1 if 255 clients were already created. In this case the function now returns errOutOfResource


2019-06-27 - Version 2.7.0


  • Added new function LIN_XmtDynamicWakeUp, to set a dynamic delay for wake-up message sending

Bug fixes:

  • Reception queue of LIN clients had no limit which could cause memory depletion problems if an application is connected but never read its queue; the limit was set to a maximum of 65535 messages
  • Some compatibility problems solved
  • Wrong error was being returned on LIN_Write when a transmit queue overrun occurred; the error ErrorUnknown was being returned instead of TransmitQueueFull
  • Plugging-in a device was causing the service to crash if the language of the operating system was Turkish or Azerbaijani (Latin and Cyrillic)


  • The function LIN_GetVersionInfo was modified to additionally return driver version information
  • Attention: Error code 'SlaveNOtResponding' renamed to 'SlaveNotResponding' (with small O) in C# and C++/CLR include files

2018-06-13 - Version 2.6.2

Bug fixes:

  • The timestamps of LIN channels were not synchronized with the system time for some devices
  • Some dual-channel devices were showing only a single LIN channel

2018-05-25 - Version 2.6.1

Bug fixes:

  • A bug on timestamp synchronization was preventing PLIN-View Pro from tracing LIN data for PCAN-USB Pro/FD devices

2018-05-11 - Version 2.6.0


  • Support for new PLIN-USB hardware added
  • New hardware parameters added:
    •   hwpBreakLength
    •   hwpLinTermination
    •   hwpFlashMode
  • File properties of PLinApi.dll enhanced to show the platform to which it was compiled for (32/64-bit)
  • General code enhancements

2015-02-16 - Version 2.5.2

  • PLIN-Manager: Some compatibility issues solved
  • PLIN-API: Version changed due to updates in the PLIN-Manager

2014-08-25 - Version 2.5.1

  • PLIN-Manager: Procedure for naming LIN-Channels was edited
  • PLIN-API: Version changed due to updates in the PLIN-Manager

2014-05-13 - Version 2.5.0


  • General code optimization
  • Added support for new FD devices
  • PLIN-Manager: The .NET Framework 4.0 is used instead of 2.0

Bug fixes:

  • PLIN-API: Some minor bugs fixed

Please note: Version 2.3 and 2.4 were never released. Their changes are replaced with version 2.5.

2013-09-06 - Version 2.2.29 - Update


  • New header files for Python and C++/CLR.
  • New sample projects for C#, VB.Net, C++ Builder, Delphi, C++/CLR, C++/MFC, and Python 2.x and 3.x

2011-12-21 - Version 2.2.29

Bug fixes:

  • The declaration of the function "SetSchedule" was wrong within the header files for VB.Net and C#
  • The declaration of the function "InitializeHardware" was wrong within the header file for VB.Net
  • Some functions declarations had incorrect attributes within the header file for VB.Net
  • A compatibility problem within the LinManager under Windows® XP was fixed more information

2011-01-11 - Version 2.2.28


  • New hardware parameter "hwIdNumber" added
  • New hardware parameter "hwUserData" added. Up to LIN_MAX_USER_DATA bytes of custom data can be stored in the device
  • Ability to use fixed hardware handles was added
  • The hardware parameter "hwName" was changed to read-only, returning always "PCAN-USB Pro LIN"

Bug fixes:

  • The calculation of the timestamp of received messages had a problem, causing the cropping of some amount of time
  • .NET header files were edited due to a wrong declaration of parameters within the function "SetSchedule"

2010-03-15 - Version 2.1.25


  • First 64-bit capable PLIN-API released
  • New function "LIN_GetSystemTime"

Bug fixes:

  • Infinite blocking within the function "LIN_SetSchedule" was repaired
  • Problem solved with active connections when the connected device was plugged-out
  • Checking the amount of available devices was working incorrectly under 64-bit systems

2009-07-09 - Version 2.0.21

Bug fixes:

  • Change within the .NET header files due to wrong parameter declaration (Out string parameter changed to StringBuilder)
  • Blocking/rights problems in some scenarios between PLIN and PCAN applications

2009-06-18 - Version 2.0.18


  • 2 new API functions were added: "LIN_GetResponseRemap" and "LIN_SetResponseRemap"
  • New flag "FRAME_FLAG_IGNORE_INIT_DATA" added
  • Changes in the function definitions of the Pascal header file (string type PChar changed to PAnsiChar)

2009-05-25 - Version 2.0.14


  • New message type "mstQueueOverrun"
  • New hardware parameter "hwpQueueOverrunCount"

Bug fixes:

  • Changes within the structure TLINScheduleSlot
  • The PLIN-Manager was mixing up errors counter values of different connected clients

2009-04-22 - Version 2.0.11


  • New definition values created for the c++/Pascal header files
  • Adaptation of all functions and structures to the new defines

Bug fixes:

  • Declaration changes of the functions "UpdateByteArray", "GetClientParam", and "SetHardwareParam" in .NET header files (*.cs, *.vb)
  • Import declaration of the function "GetClientFilter" within the header fiel PLinapi.vb was wrong
  • The declaration of the funciton "GetHardwareParam" (overloads) was not correct

2009-04-16 - Version 2.0.9


  • Added support for multi languages (function "LIN_GetErrorText"). Supported languages: English, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • New client-parameters added: "clpOnReceiveEventHandle" and "clpOnPluginEventHandle"
  • Functions/Structures were updated due to changes in the size of some variables

2009-02-19 - Version 2.0.1

  • Name changed. First release as "PLinAPI"

2008-01-17 - Version 1.1.7

  • First release as "LinAPI" for 32-bit operating systems