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PPCAN-Editor 2 Version History

2022-12-19 - Version 2.2.3


  • Added support for the PCAN_LAN device
  • The device icons have been updated

Bug fixes:

  • In the Connect to Net dialog, the selection could be applied even when no valid net (e.g. '<None>') was selected
  • In the Connect to CAN Hardware dialog, the selection could be applied even when the list of available hardware was empty
  • In the Connect to CAN Hardware dialog, the PCAN-USB Pro FD and PCAN-USB X6 CAN interfaces were not correctly recognized as multi-channel hardware and the channel numbers were missing
  • Some other minor bug fixes and optimizations


2020-06-24 - Version 2.2.2


  • Small modifications in the reference documentation (PDF files) under "CHARACTERISTIC CURVE" and "CHARACTERISTIC CURVE WITH LIMIT"

Bug fixes:

  • Adding a new bus to a configuration could undesirably change the configuration
  • A new bus could have the same name as an existing bus
  • Changes to the module function parameters were not applied if the input field in the pop-up window was left by clicking the mouse outside the pop-up

2019-02-06 - Version 2.2.1


  • The Save As and Open dialog windows have always been opened on the default project directory. Now the dialog windows open on the currently opened project (Save As) or the last used path (Open)

2018-10-08 - Version 2.2.0


  • Import and export of PCAN-Explorer Symbols files no longer requires a PCAN-Explorer installation
  • Support for PCAN-Explorer 6 CANdb Add-in added
  • Some other minor improvements

2015-11-16 - Version 2.1.0


  • Supports PPCAN-Protocol version 2.3. With this new version scale and offset values of variables (data objects) are transmitted directly as floating point values (float 4 byte)
  • In the options dialog window, the standard dialog window for directory selection is now used for the selection of the default directories under Windows
  • Options dialog: By default, the hardware connection is now used instead of Net connection
  • Before sending a configuration, now a explicit validation will start for the Enable flags of symbols and show warnings, if the general symbol is disabled and the IO symbol is enabled
  • The files Code.bin and Data.bin are updated to the latest version of the PDF References
  • Added a new menu entry in the help menu "PCAN-Editor References", which opens the new english PDF Reference with the default viewer for PDFs in Windows
  • English and german online help is automatically installed. The software will open the english help by default
  • English and german Reference PDF is automatically installed. The software will open the english help by default. The german version can be opened via the Windows start menu
  • Created a new setup. Older installations of version 2 will be removed automatically during the installation process
  • Updated profile files:
    • "PCAN-Diag.ppprf" updated to profile version 1.8
    • "PCAN-MIO.ppprf" updated to profile version 2.6
    • "PCAN-MIO (32-Bit).ppprf" updated to profile version 1.22
    • "PCAN-MU TC1.ppprf" updated to profile version 1.11
    • "PCAN-Router Pro.ppprf" updated to profile version 1.25

Bug fixes:

  • There was no possibility to enter negative values for coordinates in the Characteristic Curve
  • Values which have been entered in der Characteristic Curve, were not adopted for configurations that use a profile with multiplexer support
  • In configurations that use a profile with multiplexer support, an exception occured, if a Space record was edited
  • If in the module configuration under Characteristic Curve an invalid value for the CurveID was specified, and then the tab was changed, it could happen that this invalid value was passed to the new tab
  • Fixed a bug that the module configuration window could not be opened in connection with the Characteristic Curve

2013-04-02 - Version 2.0.9

Bug fixes:

  • When renaming a configuration while it did not include a module configuration, the changed name was not displayed in the Navigator
  • PCAN-Explorer 5 with dongle license wasn't supported, i.e. the license coud not be read; therefore it wasn't possible to import CANdb files


  • Updated hardware profile "PCAN-Router Pro.ppprf" (version 1.22)

2012-08-13 - Version 2.0.8

Bug fixes:

  • On import of a CANdb file, the last message in the file being selected was not read by the editor
  • If a project window was maximized and another project was opened or created, the configuration window wasn't shown correctly
  • After opening projects several times, the message "Error while closing file!" could occur and further projects could not be opened anymore. When quitting the program afterwards, the message "Invalid pointer operation." occurred
  • When opening an upload project (*.ppupl), the Navigator window showed "No Project" and the "CAN Objects" entry was missing


  • On CANdb import, the multiplexer names are now set according to the definitions. Previously the name was always set to "Multiplexer"
  • Better memory footprint when using "Data Inspector"

2012-04-17 - Version 2.0.7

Bug fixes:

  • After a failure of the configuration transfer to a module, it could happen that the PPCAN communication didn't work correctly anymore. This had an impact on the internal PPCAN communication process
  • If two instances of the PPCAN-Editor were running and connected to the same PCAN hardware, the reading of a configuration could not be performed without a preceding detect cycle
  • On editing a variable name no error was shown when the name was deleted (empty) and the editing was finished
  • After reading a configuration from a module, the "Send configuration" command was active and could be executed although there wasn't any configuration selected in the dropdown list
  • If pressing F2 for editing on the General tab in the CAN Objects window, always the tree item was edited, even if the focus was on another column (e.g. Information)
  • Due to the fix in version 2.0.4 regarding I/O numbers, columns in the module window with an assigned enum could not be edited anymore
  • When selecting an I/O function that did not have a defined I/O number, the corresponding I/O number column wasn't updated immediately


  • In the module window on the Function blocks tab, the dropdown control of the Parameters column has been made resizable

2012-02-09 - Version 2.0.6

  • Bug fix: When reading configurations back that had profiles with more than one supported channel, it could happen that the variables for the symbols had not been created and each symbol in the IO configuration was created in a separate bus with the same channel

2012-02-07 - Version: 2.0.5

Bug fixes:

  • In the service "Characteristic Curve" the value of "Point Count" was not taken after a change
  • Correction regarding the reading of profile files
  • If a configuration of a project that did not have a module configuration, has been deleted with the command "Edit -> Delete Configuration" and the navigator was still open, the configuration was not removed from the Navigator (just after reopening the Navigator). If the displayed configuration was then selected in the Navigator, an exception occurred

2011-12-15 - Version 2.0.4

Bug fixes:

  • Because of the introduction of the sorted IO number names a wrong IO number could be determined in the module configuration window, if "0" was chosen as the name of the IO number and this element was not the first entry in the list. All other IO numbers were interpreted correctly
  • If the IO functions in the service "Message Gateway" were changed, the connected IO numbers or their names were not updated correctly
  • In the window "CAN Objects" an error "List index out of bounds" may occur while switching between the tabs. This was triggered when previously an element was removed under "General", which was used in the IO configuration

2011-10-24 - Version 2.0.3

Bug fixes:

  • If in the Module Configuration window the tabs were switched and on the active tab there were entries, but these were not selected, and the command Edit > Delete Record was executed, an exception "Index -1 out of bounds" occured
  • The commands Transmit > Detect Modules, Send Configuration, Send All Configurations, and CAN > Reset could be executed, even if no CAN connection was active. Now a note is displayed
  • The main menu could be made floating by dragging with the mouse or double-cklicking
  • When sending a configuration, after the End-Of-Configuration command, it was not waited for its echo. Therefore, it was not ensured that the configuration of the module was finished successfully
  • When sending or reading configurations the progress bar was displayed in the status bar, however, the progress of the transfer (write/read) was not updated correctly


  • Improved loading of the PPCANB32.dll library


  • New library PPCANB32.dll version is used; an error has been corrected, where a possible termination of the module has not been treated and a wrong status was signalled to the caller when receiving commands during or at the end of a block transfer

2011-03-11 - Version 2.0.2

  • Bug fix: Changing the I/O Function property in the services of the module configuration caused an exception

2010-12-08 - Version 2.0.1

Bug fixes:

  • In the services "Message Gateway" and "Event-based Messaging" the fields "Source Bus", "Source Message", "Destination Bus", and "Destination Message" were incorrectly evaluated and changes to those fields were interpreted wrong
  • If a window "Module Configuration" was open and active and if via the Edit menu the command "Delete Configuration" was executed, the window still existed in the background. If it then was activated or brought into the foreground, an exeption occured
  • If a double click was done with the mouse onto the toolbar area, the Customize dialog was shown
  • After the startup of the program the buttons "Active Window" and "Close" of the MDI tabs were active, even if no project was loaded
  • The headings of the toolbars have been corrected (only visible when the toolbars are dragged from the program)
  • In the "About PPCAN Files" dialog the columns in the list "PPCAN Profile Files" have been adjusted
  • The minimum size of the dialog "About PPCAN Files" has been changed
  • When adding busses, symbols, or variables, the focus was not set correctly. Furthermore, the "Data Inspector" was not updated
  • When the tool window "Navigator" was active and in the "Edit" menu the "Rename" command was executed, nothing happened
  • When executing the command "Import from CANdb network files", the error message "PCAN Symbols Library is not installed" was displayed if the PCAN-Explorer 5 was not installed, even though the PCAN-Explorer 4 was installed including Add-In
  • The term "Module" was changed to "Modules"
  •  When executing the command "Update Hardware Profile", the name of the configuration including the "I/O" was displayed in the note text
  • The tab order was corrected in the Options dialog


  • All menu and toolbar commands and their tooltip texts have been revised
  • The note texts of the menu and toolbar commands are now displayed in the status bar
  • All texts (including error messages) have been revised
  • The exception handling has been revised

2010-09-22 - Version 2.0.0

New features:

  • Improved and updated user interface and docking system
  • Tabs to switch between different windows
  • Multiplexer support from PPCAN version 2.2
  • Improvement of Space Records: they can now be labeled and used in all services in the Module window
  • Sending and receiving a configuration matrix from PPCAN version 2.1
  • All positions of resizable dialog boxes are saved and restored
  • Support of the PCAN-Explorer 5 symbol files
  • Support of CANdb Add-in 3
  • Importing and exporting of symbol files and CANdb files is now executed in dependence of the installed PCAN-Explorer 4 or 5
  • Multiplexers are now taken into account at import and export of symbol files
  • Improved interaction between general and I/O configuration
  • Improvement of the editing capabilities of module configurations
  • Supported standard bit rates have been increased
  • Improved online help integration
  • New program icon
  • New icon for projects and profiles
  • New icons in the main menu and on toolbars
  • Improved management of the program files in the documents folder
  • New project file format 2.0
  • Improved management of project files
  • Improved file backups
  • Memory leaks removed